Printers released

.....could/should the Bombers have any interest in this guy?????.......Mike Kelly has stated several times he had zero interest in Casey....Medlock is Printers agent....a guy who had no love lost for the Bombers....of course that was when Taman was running things....Has anything changed that we could see ourselves getting into the game of acquiring Printers.....hmmmmmm...Guess we'll have to leave that up to the Bomber gurus.....right now my opinion is split 50/50.... looking at our qb. situation ...its a tough call.....IF Casey is in anyway, shape or form, a bozo in the dressing room ....we don't want him....on the other hand if it was all a bunch of crap coming out of the hammer??????? we should/could be interested.... :expressionless:for the right price

I really don't want him, I think he's washed up and done. He didn't have much to work with in Hamilton but neither did Porter or Williams and they played much, much better than Casey. I hope the Bombers don't bring him in, if we want a Printers-type guy, we already have Randall on the roster. Bringing Printers would only impede his development.