Printers released

...according to tsn...Casey Printers has been released from the Ti-Cats....T.O. and Sask. interested..... :roll: :roll:
.......not surprised... :wink:

Good grief.

.....have they the cap room......???????????? calling Mr. Tilman ...ooops sorry...Mr. Miller.... :lol:

I have no idea about the cap room, since I'm not affiliated with the finances of the team...and I'd laugh at the second part, but I think it's in iffy taste and not so funny...

Gotta agree, not very funny... But about Printers, is anyone actually interested in this guy? I suppose if a team needs a back-up...

oh don't get so serious on me jm02, know i'm only joshin with ya......BUT it is true that Miller is the guy who would have all the answers in this latest Printers least as far as the Riders are concerned....IF any of this is true...he's got some serious decisions to make.... :wink: never had any sense of humour....c'mon..... :thdn:

There ya go...Riders are out, then...all they seem to have are backups right now...:wink:

I remember when I wanted him to come here.

...interesting, about the part tsn. mentioned....he's free to sign with any CFL orrrrrrr nfl club......I'm sure there are at least 20 nfl teams clamouring for Caseys services..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

TSN gives a Vancouver radio station as the source as to what is happening in Hamilton

....who are these guys working for the Van. radio station....they must be plugged into every CFL backroom....they sure come up with the scoops.... :lol:

There are only two QB’s on the current roster in Toronto (3 if you count McNeal.) Printers is only 27. I wouldn’t write him off as a bust.

I feel sorry for any team that picks this head case up.

I see why BC didn't want anything to do with him anymore.

He thinks he is better than he is and just his entire attitude made a lot of people here in the hammer angry.

Argos need to sign him as we have no credible QB.

The Riders don't need to sign him, and they also have no credible QB.

Joseph > Printers

I'd take KJ over Printers any day

I have wondered that before. Like how in the hell are they always in the know?

former league MOP and Grey Cup champ...nope, noone credible :roll:

i think its time u gave up on your Bishop man-crush, argotom.

now that i've addressed your outlandish statement, i'd like to see printers in double blue and KJ back to the my perfect world.

2 former MOP's both on Toronto's roster ... i think NOT... also Sask's cap space is FAR > Toronto's