Printers released

Chiefs Announce Several Roster Moves to Reach 53-Man Limit
Sep 02, 2006, 4:50:15 PM

Kansas City Chiefs President Carl Peterson announced on Saturday that the club had made several transactions to meet the NFL’s mandatory 53-man roster deadline.

The Chiefs placed DT John Browning and CB Alphonso Hodge on the Reserve/Injured List. The club released or terminated the contracts of the following players: T Thomas Barnett, DT Shane Burton, S Scott Connot, WR Nate Curry, TE Aaron Golliday, RB Quentin Griffin, LB Brandon Guillory, DE Carlos Hall, C Johnathan Ingram, CB Chris Johnson, LB William Kershaw, WR Jeris McIntyre, DE Clint Mitchell, FB J.R. Niklos, T Jeremy Parquet, QB Casey Printers, DT Junior Siavii, RB McKenzi Smith, DE Zach Ville and DT Stephen Williams.

NFL clubs are allowed to establish an eight-man practice squad beginning on Sunday, September 3rd. Teams in the AFC North and the NFC East will each have an additional international development practice squad player in 2006.

well the broncos only have 2 QBs on the roster and are looking at him, but want to use him in a dual role as Wr/QB.

Just face it Casey, the only way you will make the NFL is as a WR.

Printers has been added to the KC practice's on their website

big deal practice rosters means nothing, he still doesn't get reps in practice, he's just gonna sit around and rot away.

The CFL QBs are just as good as the NFL QBs, just shorter.

As evidenced by playmaker88's post; unless you're 6'4", the CFL is made for you.

Exactly right. They'll probably try to persuade him to become a wideout or something. Hopefully he'll be back in a league that is tailor-made for his athletic ability real soon.

i dont see why you would wanna sit on a practice roster and do nothing when you could go somewhere else like the cfl and actually be a starter and play the game you love, if you loved the game enough you would rather play lots then sit and rot, i dont care how much more your making sitting on the practice roster, i would rather be a star in the cfl then be a no one.

If Casey Printers stays on the Chiefs PR the rest of the season he will still be a free agent at the end of this year. So at that time he will have a better idea how serious the Chiefs are at moving him up to at least the #2 QB behind Green, and if not he would be free to make a deal with any team in the CFL.
This makes more sense to me, he gets to stiff Wally and the Argos or whoever don't have to trade for his CFL rites.
But, hey he could be an injury away from getting a chance with the Chiefs and may never be back. He's good enough IMO.