Printers release good for Esks?

Is BC releasing Printers good for Edmonton? Printers had his problems (Fumbles McGee), but he was also BC's best option at QB. Now the Lions have to go with either Jackson (better #2 than #1) or Lulay (inexperienced).

The Esks have one more game against BC, and if they can win it, they'll tie the Lions and take the season series. This Saturday's game just became the biggest of Edmonton's season.

I've been saying for a while that Edmonton's season is over, and to be honest, I still believe that as even if we make the playoffs, we'll be one and done (and I still expect Tillman to rebuild). But just making the playoffs could be a nice way to end one of Edmonton's worst seasons.

Good question Chief. I don't know that it matters, it seems unlikely Printer's would get much play time after his last performance. I'm on the fence on the Esks in post season, obviously it would be nice if they make it but I really don't think they've done anything close to well enough to deserve a shot at the cup. Just my opinion.

Chief; Were you feeling "Comfortably Numb" or just having a cigar when you posted this thread? :? On the other hand, Printers may show up next season in training camp somewhere.

Looks like it didn't matter. Lulay played a decent game. Oh well, we still got the win.

Sean Mac, I agree with you, this team really hasn't played like a playoff team. We're sitting at 5-10, and two of those five wins came against our fellow basement dwelling Lions. :lol:

Could someone please answer a couple of questions for me?
Why, going into the last month of regular season, are teams allowed to increase their practice roster up to 12 players? Is it only to guarantee some kind of backup for injured players? It seems to me if they remain on the practice roster all year (or aren't on any roster until the last month of regular season), well, logic would tell me they are not good enough to get signed, much less play in an all-important game leading up to the playoffs. And secondly, do the ones remaining on the practice roster until the end of the season automatically get an invite to next year's camp? Are they finished with that team when the regular season is done? I'm confused.

My understanding is that there is a one-month window to expand the PR, with the intent that teams can check out guys (usually late NFL cuts) that they might want to sign for the following year. There are no automatic invitations to camp but it is quite common for a team to bring a guy in for a month, release him from the PR when it goes back down to six, then sign him to a contract for the following season.

Well, Printers being released by the Lions didn't seem to hurt them too much, but I gotta think Winnipeg without Jyles is sunk. I certainly don't wish ill will against Jyles, but this does make the game next week a little easier for Edmonton.

If we can take that game, and at worst, split with Saskatchewan, we'll be in a good position to make the playoffs.

Well, we got the split so far with the win tonight over the Roughriders and a win next week at home over Winnipeg (before B.C. plays) I think? will put the Lion's in a win or else position in their home game with Sask.