Printers Pounded in Fourth Quarter

Did anyone else notice how many times when Printers moved outside the pocket to throw that he was pounded by the defensive player? There WAS one roughing the QB call but my problem isn't with the refs.

It really looked like he was winded and hurting on many plays... slow walks back to the huddle with head down, etc. His style is running and making something happen. How do we stop him getting hurt- if we can?

Good point, Mark.

Its a personal "rant" thing, but our weak point on the OLine seems to be Jonta Woodard, who gets beat or attracts penalties.

Such being said, Printers is a "roll out" type, and susceptible to injury as a result. On the "good" side, we have Danny Mac on staff to teach him some "quick release" stuff that he's going to need to learn.

Couple to that we need to get a SB that can be a "go-to" sort (like Darren Flutie was)and the OC is going to have to come up with schemes that have both Tre Smith and Jesse Lumsden in the backfield, with some option plays or swing passes (very much like Sask does with Cates)so that blitzers and/or DE's cannot key in on Casey they way we presently let them.

I thought that KP still looked out of synch with his receivers, especially to start. As they get comfortable with each other, he will be able to get the ball to them quicker. I agree that they should run more plays that take the pressure off though. Actually, Durant did a pretty good job of relieving the pressure on himself.

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