Printers played well under the circumstances

Actually, I think during the broadcast, Darren Flutie said Printers didn't have a quick release like his partner Danny Mac. Danny Mac was standing beside him when he said this so there may have been a bit of flattery involved.

An Argo-Cat fan

An Argo-Cat fan

He can't leave for 3 years.. The NFL honors CFL contracts and vise versa. The only way he could play in the NFL is if he gets released.

I cant believe that someone would say that Printers didnt have this and didnt have that . He like Maas before him as others have already said , doesnt have any half decent recievers to throw the ball to .

I seen at least one instance where Printers read the blitz and fired a ball up the seam to a reciever that all he had to do was turn around and its a BIG gainer . But as usual he didnt turn around and the ball went incomplete . Who is our recievers coach ?? Hasnt he gone over the HOT RECIEVER package yet ?? Were 11 games into the season and they cant read a blitz on the line of scrimmage ??? Danny Mac and Flutie would of had a field day against that type of defence last night !!!!

Not one of the recivers that played last night would make any team as a starter in the CFL . Can you imagine that ?? NOT ONE !!!!

Having said that , if winnepeg was without Roberts , Stegall and Edwards the game would of been much different . We need Gardner , Armstead and Lumsden to win ball games !!!

Sometimes when he was standing there after a failed play looking bewildered, I was wondering if was trying to determine what he got himself into.

Obviously, there were no NFL teams interested in getting his name on a contract after his Kansas City stint. That's why he returned to Canada. Even if he lights it up in Hamilton for the next 2-3 years, he'll be too old for any interest from the NFL. He has no realistic options--he's here to stay.

An Argo-Cat fan

In hindsight, Williams should have started with Printers coming into the game in the second half. But, alas...

Maas underachieved here, (wonky shoulder and all) but all the blame is obviously not his. The OLine is like tissue paper, receivers can't get open and when they do the droppsies appear, Setta can't punt into the wind, bizarre play calling, all contributed to the 1&10 record.

However, with a full week's practice and the initiation by fire of Saturday night, it will be interesting to see Printer's response against Calgary.

I couldn't get to the game Saturday night so I had the pleasure of watching it at home. Thanks to the wonderful technology that is PVR I was constantly pausing and rewinding. Printers had no time what so ever by the time he took his drop and planted his foot he was already trying to scramble. The ability of this line to pick up the blitz and the failure of receivers to read the blitz and run the hot route is beyond my comprehension.

The holes that Roberts had to run through were huge. (although he can squeak through the smallest one) I like Charlie as a head coach but I think maybe he needs to rethink his staff or the play calling.
Several times we were 2nd and 10 and we got 8 or 9. You don't run a ten yard hook and come back to the ball. Run the 12 yard hook and come back to the first down marker. Football 101.

Somebody mentioned already about the receivers not getting open. There pass routes are flat. There is no move, no head fake, miss direction or anything. SEE BEN CAHOON BOOK ON HOW TO RUN A PATTERN AND GET OPEN.

Defense I think was awful once again but I am still reserving final judgement. We shall see how they play when they are not on the field for 2 thirds of the game. Although we give way to much cushion to receivers. Corners are easy 8 yards off on a guy who does an out. It is a 35 yard pass for crying out loud. Read and react. Anderson supposedly has 4.3 speed but he gets burned the most for that? I don't get it do we have no ball hawks on this defense. @ of the best linebackers in the league are wasting away in the middle of our defense.

PS Can't wait for Friday!!! LOL

My point still is the man is a role out passer. You must role him out. What bothered me was why he was dropping back to pass. My only thought was that the blocking schemes on his limited plays must not have had much role out in them and secondarily Winnepeg to there credit did a great job of keeping him in the pocket. The one pass to Ralph was a great role out, of course it helped that we had started with 13 players on the play.

In my view Casey Printers will be the best q.b. in the CFL next year. Keep Jesse, Amrstead, add a top fligh wr and strengthen the o-line and a lot of teams
the Argos included will be the recepients of 5 years of pent up frustration from the Ticats, team, management and fans. I wamt tckets to next year's Labour Day game, it'll be the second time the Cats beat the Argos in the regular season in 08.

I for one am really looking forward to next year. This is is all about a learning curve now. I agree with Coach Taafe, it's training camp. Give Printers another week maybe two and combined with a healthy running game and healthy wr the game against Saskachewan should be a beauty.

I sinderely believe we will win 3 or 4 of our final 7 if Lumsden stays healthy. You must have a running game.

Having said all that they must protect their investment. The o-line must protect Printers right now and for the next 3 years and hopefully the three years after that.

That was killing me. How mnay times did he actually run?

I believe the Bombers were using a variety of spy plays and DE contain packages to keep Casey in the pocket. Clearly the line hasn't worked enough on zone blocking for rollouts. Neither Woodard nor Davis (who was backing up Dyakowski on Saturday) have shown me much in footwork terms that they can handle sliding out to zone block on rollouts.

Dyakowski does have some wheels on him and was successful at LSU at tackle blocking for JaMarcus Russell. Although Russell oftern dropped straight back out of the shotgum, his mobility forced Peter to zone block from time to time as JaMarcus rolled out on occasion.

One thing is clear: a lot of the playbook will have to be adapted next by next season to allow the Cats to fully utilize the gifts of Casey, Richie, and Timmy. That may occur if a new OC comes in with a new system and playcall.

Oski Wee Wee,

He's just back from the dropback NFL. He'll learn to run---in order to survive behind this line. :lol:

An Argo-Cat fan

I couldn't agree more which is why I say give him another week maybe two. If we do not see the rollout then there is a problem with the o.c. in my opinion. Casey Printers is not Jason Maas, no slam intended but Casey Printers rolls out to keep the defense honest or he runs. Maybe after the botched exchange they decided against it. I think the next two weeks determines the o.c's job for next year? And stating the incredibly obvious Jesse will make a huge difference again no slam intended on Davis or Caulry but Jesse in my opinion is very underated as a blocker.

I'm hoping to see Printers' rolling out to buy time for the receivers to get open.

If that happens, things could change in a hurry.

CP will be explosive, but he has to have time with this team…He can make plays, but he has to have someone to CATCH the dang ball. In this game he hit receivers at least 3 or 4 times in the numbers, but they dropped the ball. Come on guys CATCH the freakin ball. I was looking for Printers to run, but remember CP can be a system QB, and running should be second, not first!!! It will be a combination of the Running Back, his receivers being reliable, and CP running when the opportunity arises. Believe me when all pieces are working, you will see a totally different team. I wondered why CP was not letting the ball go quicker than he did, but I realized he was waiting own his receivers to get some type of separation or to fight to get opened and guys CP would rather have held on to the ball a little longer, than to release it quickly and get the freaking ball PICKED off. Guys you must get separation, then you HAVE TO FIGHT for the freakin ball!!!

There one thing I want to say you ticat fans, is I like the way you SUPPORT your team even when they are losing. This is your team and believe me it means a lot to the football players when you stick with them in the bad times and the good times are just that much sweeter. I still love the ti-cats and I will always fight and cheer for the underdogs!!!
GO TI-CATS …YOU CAN GET BETTER,I know this and believe this, but you have to get better!!! CP keep up the good work and continue to expect EXCELLENCE and take NOTHING less!!!

Printers did about as good as Maas did with this system, There were coaching errors with respect to being prepared for Winnipegs Blitz package, one pass i felt was To hot to handle, to JB, A good qb puts touch on the ball for the type of pass required, Until then Printers should run first then find his recievers. aka flutieball :rockin:

This trainwreck of a game is exactly why I still feel there are huge problems with this team that your QB can't fix on his own. Brock Ralph ... showed why he wouldn't cut it on other teams. Two passes dropped because he was hearing footsteps and isn't the kind of player who will make the tough catch and take the hit.

For the rest, penalties, missed opportunities, terrible protection for Printers, etc. And an absolutely TERRIBLE decision to start Printers after a week's practice, especially given how well Williams had played in relief of Chang the week before. I've been patient with Taaffe all year long, but I can't support him anymore. He doesn't seem to know what he's doing, and all his decisions now feel like desperation moves.

Jock Matt and Chris didn't rip him. They like i have on a previous thread pointed out that it is ridiculous to make comments like best ever etc when you just got cut from the nfl (kc for that matter) and havent even played a game with your new team yet. i know some "fans" on here think that is how you lead lol....but people that have played the game know that you dont get the respect from your teamates by telling them what your plans are you get respect by doing. peters wrote a good article on it today that made me laugh to myself...he said printers who was quick to mention that we are four to five plays away at the toronto game probably has a different view from inside ivor wynne while running from the ticats version of running with the bulls. lol. anyways before all the real fans come out and tell me that this is how you lead by running your mouth to the media just understand that i am only pointing out that i disagree with that type of lip service. he can lead in house amongst his teamates not on tv. but wow he really got baptised. lol i bet chang just from watching thought wow i might not be that bad. if the "best qb in the world" cant muster a touchdown and gets sacked 7 times maybe i can still play this game. lol its painfully obvious we need a oline or at least a coach that can teach scheme and blocking assignments. 3 man rush and still get pressure is a joke.

peters wrote a good article on it today that made me laugh to myself...he said printers who was quick to mention that we are four to five plays away at the toronto game probably has a different view from inside ivor wynne while running from the ticats version of running with the bulls. lol.
Not to nitpick..but that was a Milton article

Just wondering how much of this play Casey's ego will be able to take and how long Casey's ego will fly with the other players. I hope it go's well for the team.