Printers played well under the circumstances


No Lumsden or Armstead

A brutal offensive line

He only knew a fraction of the playbook

At least three dropped balls

He was thrown to the Lions but still managed to move the ball.


But don't get me started on the D. It is a trainwreck. Even McKay is starting to look average.

I 100% agree with you,He is way my promising then Maas ever was!

Maas would have fumbled the ball away at least three out of those six sacks. The guy is cursed!

Keeping Printers from leaving should be the teams priority. This guy just came from a NFL camp to this! That's like trading in your BMW for a bicycle!

Same old, same old from the receivers too.

An Argo-Cat fan

really maas beat them last time, this just shows it wasn't just jason, it doesn't really matter how much time printers had to learn the playbook, or how much practice time he had, guys have a hard time getting open, the o-line stuggles, receivers still dropped balls, guys fumbled, field goals were missed the blame does not solely belong to just one person.

I know the Taaffe will probably have words with Printers for his 3rd and 4 disagreement with him. But I really liked Printers determination, enthusiasm and skill before during and after that play.

By the way, for those of you that didn't see the telecast, Jock, Matt and Chris really ripped on Printers during halftime for his comments before he even took a snap. I can see their point but they were kinda harsh on the guy. I have full confidence that Printers will walk the walk.

Printers didn't do any more than either of the other 3 QB's that have played this year. I liked his enthusiam and can see the potential, but he faced the same pressure and dropped passes all night long. You just can't win games until those things improve no matter who your QB is.

Printers should not have started this game; Williams should have had one opportunity to start, which would have allowed for Printers to get more settled and familiar with the offense. I don't see what the rush is given that the season ended on Labour Day. It was good to see him play, though, and there is definitely something refreshing about the manner in which he conducts himself. Maas always looked befuddled, like a deer in headlights, and that alone was very off-putting. With Printers things can only improve, although I'm wondering if he's going to survive the season considering the rough treatment he got.

Please get an O-line that knows how to block. Printers was running for his life out there from the get-go. Some irritating fans behind me where whining about Casey's lack of "deep bombs". How the heck is he supposed to throw deep when he has less than 2 seconds before a defender is breathing down his neck. Great job Casey, we're happy to have you here! Fans expecting a miracle last night just because of the addition of one player clearly have an issue of their own. The Ti-cats' issue is going to be keeping their QB off the injured list.

Some of that is his own fault for holding onto the ball too long.

I think the rush was a business decision not a football decision. I'm sure the Casey Printers 5-Game Pack had a lot to do with it.

Not that the 5-game pack did very well. Yesterdays game had the lowest attendance of any game at Ivor Wynne since 2003. 21,205 Not good.

He does not have a quick release a la Danny Mac. That should be clear. He is most effective when moving the pocket. We simply did not have the zone blocking to be able to help him accomplish that.

He often held onto the ball because receivers weren't getting open to help him have a place to throw it. Not throwing a pick was a good thing given all the pressure he faced. He has a lot of poise even in the middle of running for his life. LMAO :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Why is it not good?

I know his game is escaping the pocket, but he's going to have to adjust that as defences now have game plans designed around blitzing him with d.b's and keeping him in the pocket.

yeah right exactly what i said about how fans ripping maas and it's team game etc,and all i got from most is crap and how maas sucks etc.

but now it's the new flavour of the month and a new qb those excuses aplly to him. it's true it's not printers fault but the same goes for maas in my opinion.

How many picks did Casey throw?

How many fumbles did he make? The Davis handoff WAS in the breadbasket, BTW.

How many times did he miss a wide-open receiver, excluding all the drops?

Exactly. Not a Maas-like demolition with bonehead QB mistakes at all.

Oski Wee Wee,

i agree printers is an upgrade to maas no doubt,,but the point i've been trying to make for 2 weeks is our o/c is garbage and the responsibility will not fall to them because of the marcel/charlie/working down the line.
i just get pissed when it's all put on the qb TEAM GAME maas is a TEAM player and deserved his share of blame.
why was printer sacked 6 times?
same rules apply or excuses made?

Printers was here for exactly three practices.
Maas was here for two complete training camps and how many games.
Printers is the real deal. Who say's this guy doesn't have a quick release. From what I saw last night, Printers not only has a quick release, but also a strong, accurate arm. Oh yah, he possesses quick feet and mobility, which will give our offense a whole new dimension. Next year, with the right coordinators here, I predict we will challenge for the Grey Cup. :cowboy:

I didn't state he doesn't have a quick release -- it's just not Danny Mac quick. He's got a good release for a big-armed QB. His mobility with any kind of decent line blocking is the big upgrade.