Printers Pick 2

the ref missed the interference call when he was 3 steps away and i saw no conclusive evidence it was a pick. great call boys.

Yep. These guys are first class :roll:

Just another example of why the CFL has been and will continue to be called bush league. For the love of God I hope Cohon takes his head out of his rear end regarding the refereeing issues the league has.

No league on the planet has worse referees then the CFL does. They all suck.

8) I agree with you completely !!!!! These incompetent officials are just a disgrace and are making a joke of this league !!!!!

Bring back Paul Dojack.

He is a member Canadian Football Hall of Fame

He worked in 546 CFL games [14 Grey Cup finals],
and was head referee in eight championship games

and we in the East still complained he was biased.

I don't necessary think the refs are biased, merely inept.

Why can they challenge the "interception," but we can't challenge the "pass interference?"

Stupid, stupid rules.

It's not a stupid rule. It's inept reffing. There is no way you could say there conclusive video evidence that Estelle got his hand underneath the ball. They actually messed up twice on that play before the replay. 1st it was pass interference. 2nd the play shouldn't have been whistled dead because the Estelle wasn't downed. That's why they need conclusive video evidence to prove he caught it. It's a debaccle any way you look at it. The refs in this league are a joke.

Why do all the bad jokes go against Hamilton

From every league I've seen the same thing, its called being a human , NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB all the same , with the same number of blown or bad calls made or missed.
It's not just the CFL, every league has the same issue. I guarantee each and everyone of you can't do any better but I'm sure you'll do alot worse !

give it a break already.