Printers Out...Maybe?

Heard on the noon sports that Printers is scheduled for an MRI on Friday, but they think he may be out longer as the shoulder is worse than expected.
They went on to say that Buck Pierce will be Dickensons back up. No word if Jarious Jackson is ready to be the Number 3

I heard on the Score today that BC might have to go to Pierce, because Dickenson's back is not healthy yet. Have to see Tuesday or Wednesday for sure to see who starts

He was out because of a shoulder dislocatiom . I heard on the radio yesterday that he was ready to play already. Ealier he had back spasms and he missed one game for it . but had already played a game since. Haven’t heard of him having anymore trouble with it.

Look dude i dunno whats up with you but i am very good friends with the lions and as you probably know my uncle is very good friends with Dave Dickenson and i just was talkin to Casey the other day and he said nothing of that sort of thing and he also said that his injury is a lot better then when it haooened and the doc said it was fine but don't expect to see him in action in the next game but probably soon though k
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Ok dude seriously i was watching that exact same thing man and you got it all wrong i know Dave well and i was at his house the other day with my uncle and Dave is perfect he got no injuries whatsoever i played a little catch with him too.
Okay Bye P.S don’t always believe what you hear on the sports talk shows and sports news there wrong a lot
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if pierce starts expect the first L. i know u might think hes good but ever heard of "begginner's luck"

Its not beginner’s luck. Pierce has a lot more behind him than you think. In fact, I haven’t seen Printers be able to do much this year - he can’t seem to see his receivers - which is something Pierce does extremely well. I think Wally wants him there at #2.

i miss Wally.

Beginners luck is what might occur in horse shoes and hand grenades.

Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it…

so your saying theyre gonna lose

Paper today said Printers is out for Ottawa. Possibility of being ready for the Home game in Montreal.

Dickenson has not returned to Vancouver from the week off yet. (He's in the States) His status is unknown untill Tuesday.

I have faith in Buck.... (What else can we do?????)

I have faith in Buck also but you are wrong on Dave Dickenson. I stopped by the Lion practice session to get a photo signed by Buck Pierce (I had to wait in line!) and I did see Dickenson there in uniform. My assumption is that Dave was doing some work - he just has to be careful taking a hit.

Casey was doing some drills (not tossing) under the watchful eye of Bill Reichelt, trainer, and the QB coach, Steve Kruck when I arrived.

Buck Pierce looks like the real deal and is poised and learning this game as only the most devoted ever do. He has the master in DD to model himself on and I am pretty sure that he gets some tips from him as they seem to have the same style.

Both will try and pick a team apart and take what they give them rather than gunning and forcing passes that are not on or going for the home run too often. Buck acts like DD and is a consistently focused ball manager which leads me to conclude he will do fine vs Ottawa.

The Renegades got smacked this week so they will be tough and aren't just mailing BC the points. Buck is as ready as any first year QB can be but the good news he is comfortable being in tough spots like the Riders game where they had to win from behind.

Granted, he has not started any game this year nor been asked to play for 60 minutes. My sense is that he can do the job and stay focused for an entire game. How hard must it have been to come off the bench at Taylor Field to beat the Riders with two TDs? That is pressure of a different kind than a guy asked to give it 60 min, but Buck will be fine if he continues to think and read as he has been doing.

Buck to me looks to be adjusting very quickly to the faster CFL game than where he played at university, which was a pretty good program and where he did well. Like Casey Printers said about him - I can't wait to see him play! Will he break a CFL passing record in his first start (if he gets it) or will we have to wait a season or two. More than likely he will if he starts experience both the good and the bad of a game for an offence - those points in the game when the D is superior to your O. That is the test of a great QB -- when the D is on fire and how the QB handles that. Greatness is not how you march the team downfield and score when momentum is with you, but when you are losing the clock is running down. An example is- like the Sask game when they were winning and the Lion's needed two scores to ice the game and Buck and his team delivered - that is the test of a starter. I am sure he will do fine.

Part of my confidence in Buck Pierce is his concept of team and how he sees the job of a QB (ball manager). This is a great team guy who takes pride in his performance but who subverts his personal ego to that of the team's success. He comes prepared. Even those nights when he was no. 3, he looks ready, right down to the darkening under the eyes. Yes, that maybe a tradition of his but when I put the binocs on the guy, I see a guy ready to play if called and to date he has played and played well.

It is too early in his career to be naming an NFL team that he will be starring for or counting the number of Grey Cups and personal awards that he will receive before (or if) he heads to the NFL. However, if I had to go out on a limb and pick one CFL QB who was going to be the next great QB, it'd be Buck Pierce by acclamation!

Granted I am a bit biased as I am a huge fan of Buck's, but as a coach myself in sport and a good judge of talent in sport and business as an executive, there comes a time in a coach's career when he sees that one guy he just knows has it to be a huge success and to me this is that guy! It is that blend of character, talent and commitment that make this player one of those special can't miss guys. Of course, if he decides to spend his off season surfing all day and not working out or just reading press clippings then all bets are off. The beauty of this guy is that he isn't that guy.

He reminds me of a great player on my team who at 18 was my captain and leader of guys from pro and our national team. He played a brilliant game and scored all 3 goals on my our senior men's team. He left the locker room before I could speak personally to him so I phoned his house when I got home - he was out but I spoke to his mom who offered that we had had a great game so she heard from the boy. We talked about the players she named and how good their play was on the day. I then I asked her what she thought of her son scoring all 3 goals as we knocked off a top team and he was brilliant. He hadn't told her which shocked me. She said that that is how he is. I will learn about the guy and of course I did. He reminds me of Buck Pierce. No ego that gets in the way of a good performance.

Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it....

Also, he steps up in the pocket, does his reads with this eyes focused downfield on the open players and the open spaces (not opposition jerseys which is disastrous). He said this on the post-game radio show, how he did when the Riders were blitzing him.

Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it....

damn thats a long ass post

Dickenson has a bad back. This is not something that I have just made up. If he can wake up the day of the biggest game of the year and have to pull himself because of it, then until he takes the first snap against Ottawa he will be a question mark. Anyone who has had a bad back knows that it can flare up at any time. He realistically hurt in the warm up. The only thing that will help a bad back is time. The way that your O-line plays it is not like he is just sitting behind a brick wall and not getting hit. chances are he will be sacked 3 or 4 times on Thursday.
The score report that I wrote about earlier was what I heard, the best way to find out how true it is, is to go on boards like this and find out. There are people that I commincate with that go to Esks practises that will give me better info then the media, because they only report what the coach tells them. People at practise watch certain players like am injured quartback to see what he is doing. SOunds to me like Printers won't even be dressed tomorrow or he will be 3rd string. I would not have known that with you people telling me.

Hell, we all know that Printers is going to be out for quite some time. The only thing we’re wondering is whether the starter on Thursday is going to be Dicky or Bucky.

yes buit if you look above, you would think that Dickenson is the starter no matter what. You will not know who starts until the first snap is taken.

You may not know who the starter is going to be, but we’ll know well before the first snap is taken.

If wally folows pattern, you will know before the first snap, but not until TSN starts the broadcast 5 minutes before the game starts. Wally did it last year after Dickenson was healthy also. Wally prepares his quarterbacks as if they are both starting, espically if he is not 100% sure about his health.

sorry about a stupid post it was my lame brother, budah dont read into this, my brother is a lame bc fan. GoEsksGo!

1040 will know before TSN..........