since i was correct on printers being crap, he wasn's the same since he left BC and never will be, he played bad and everyone knows it. williams comes in of the becnh gives the cats a boost and something to cheer about, while printers is on the bench were he should stay.
exacly ryan dinwiddie on blubombers takes kevin glenns job and now williams takes printers job, people do you agree?

Same with Durant and Crandell. There will always be a controversy when a backup steps in and does well, but do you play them long term because of limited success?

Printers still has it, but the entire team is letting him down.

I fully agree. michealgardiner needs to have vision past 2 inches. How can Printers do anything if he has NO protection? I will await your answer..

Dont bother, probably someone related to Williams starting trouble in the forum... wouldnt be the first time.

Its the only explanation for being so blind.

your gonna wait for my answer, ahah what do i have to say that guy hasnt thrwon an td in eight STRAIGHT GAMES! dating back to last year..and i need to get my vision straight,bud your fucked up. printers is not good and has no vison he cant throw or do anything he should sit on the bench and cry.. your RETARTD zenstate!

guys- lets not get personal...
its only a game

:lol: I love coming to this forum. :lol:

No doubt that Printers is good, even though he has never been as good as he was in B.C. Then again, B.C. had WAY better recievers than we have. I think that if Printers doesnt keep drives going by the third they should pull him for Williams. Once Printers develops some chemistry with those recievers he will be awesome.
But to be honest Ritchie is my favorite QB in the league.

guys?? I never said anything personal. All I said was he needs vision past 2 inches because he must not be able to see if he missed Printers running for his life on every down.

He's obviously a kid and he should really learn how to spell the insults he's using before he uses them.

SUDBURY FAN! i give you props, thats what i sorta mean.

how many qb’s in this city get rode out of town?
blame the qb the old quick fix again. lol

ok there!, im not a kid. listen i know how to spell, i just write everything down fast so i get it done and seriously i dont care what you say. and im not trying to be mean all my insults are true, if you understand this or you dont.

exaclty khari jones, maas,calvillo and now PRINTERS! our gb suck..we need to put BOB YOUNG AS QB! he couldnt do any worse

save the mellow drama for your mama

i got no problem with williams at all and i've always said sometimes you gotta use your backup.
but the game i'm watching friday and the week before shows it pretty clearly that this offence is not executed as a whole and until you get taht working , you can't really judge how good/bad printers is in this garbage offence.
this is like our 5th o/c since 2004, and it's tough to absorb.

Williams had a chance to make it a possible tough choice and a controversey, but he didnt do much better than printers, so, for better or for worse, its a no brainer....back to Printers. Assuming the hand can get it done.

The difference was that Richie throw the deep ball 2 (or 3?) times, Printers did not.

Ugh, i dont care who starts, all i want is for this team to start getting some wins.

Imagine if you had all gone to the theatre. You would be so much more controlled and relaxed. It is only a game. Until this team plays as a team and produces on both sides of the ball don't get the expectations too high.

I agree that Printers had little protection against the Esks. As he is not as mobile I would go with Williams next game for his mobility, and to send a message to the team that they best shape up or warm the bench. Look how the Bombers responded to Dinwiddie (gotta love that name)taking over for Glenn, totally different team.

Heck, we can't do any worse!

So does anyone else think our secondary is horrible? Man they give up a lot of LOOONNNGGG balls.