Printers or Dickenson on june 25


On June 25 at TO, who’s going to be the starter ?

Casey Printer, the guy who drove the Lions to the big game or
Dickenson, Veteran but failed in the big one.

No contest! I would go with Printers, ~24, he represents that team’s futur…

What about you ?

Als Fan.

1 week…1 week and the show is on !

Dickenson is the most intelligent quarterback of the CFL.
Printers is a spectacular escape artist.

BC can’t lose no matter what Buono decides. Personally, I’d go with Dickenson, but I totally understand why people would pick Printers.

Didn’t Printers himself say a few weeks ago that he wasn’t 100% and Dickenson should be the starter?

Tough call. If i were BC i would want to start Printers as he is the young buck, full of talent, he can do it all. You want to make him mature and improve his game. But as soon his contract will allow it, he will jump to the NFL. You dont want to loose Dickenson either, who is a great QB, the best in the league imo. So you have to start Dickenson for now…

why does someone even have to ask this question dickenson is way out of his prime and printers and ray are now going to be the storied qb’s IMO

Printers is injured and Dickensen has already been named the starter so it’s a no-brainer

Dickenson WILL be the starter for the first month. Casey is still dealing with soreness from his off season tooe surgery. This has been confirmed by Wally and Casey as well. So this being the case, you can expect to see D.D. as the starter fr the lions until he plays himself out of the starters role. Also, with Casey and Dave vying for the #1 spot you can bet it’s going to be a short leash for both of them this year. LET THE FUN BEGIN !

Apparently Printers has an injured shoulder as well. Dickenson will be starter til Printers gets healthy then the QB who gets the job done should be starter. Printers deserves it and so does Dickenson.