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...Looks like Wally has a huge change of heart regarding Casey....he signed him to the lions practice roster today ..Says it's only to evaluate him :lol: :lol: :lol: c'mon Wally ...we didn;t just fall off the turnip truck...You have a qb. problem...quit the charade.... :lol: :lol:

Fine with me! I'm not sure Printers would have been able to help our team at all! After seeing him in Hamilton I am pretty sure Printers only hope of any success would be with BC. Rekindling the chemistry with Geroy and the Leo system will be much easier than starting new! could be right budeborton....with the mess at receiver we's pretty tough to succeed...This all started with the Kelly though....His poor assessment of LeFors as a starter (even considering his injury) was bogus... You should , as a coach ,get the best talent for your team to make it successful....Not giving Casey a look tells you Kelly wasn't prepared to do that...It could be that Printers is or was NOT the best talent available....Looking at what we ended up with for 09, will surely give everyone pause and something to debate... :wink:

You are bang on papa. . . it was Kelly’s assessment that Lefors was ready to step up and be a starter in this league, and events have proven that assessment to have been wildly inaccurate.

That said, however, consider this:

Glenn and Dinwiddie were let go prior to training camp; Hackney and Kilian don’t make it out of training camp. So look at who has played QB for the Bombers this year:

Lefors; poor
Randall; poor (in very limited playing time);
Williams; poor (in like only 1 one quarter of work);
Bishop; mediocre at best; a 50% completion rate, 10 interceptions against 4 TDs, worst passer efficiency rating among CFL starters;
Bramlet; a very unimpressive 1 for 8 with two interceptions in his debut.

Notice the common thread?

  1. They’ve all shown poorly; and 2. they’re all playing in Kelly’s offensive scheme.

Regardless of the relative merits and talents of these 5 QBs, seems to me that Tom Clements and DIeter Brock couldn’t make this offence go anywhere. . .

If your rumour is true that Kelly is about to be shown the door, and replaced by Nelson or someone else already on staff, surely the next thing to do is to get an offensive coordinator in there who has a clue. . .

....not my take on Kelly getting the gate, MadJack....someone picked the rumour off of the eastern media (tsn) and it went through the Peg like wildfire...I don't see it myself....but ya never know after the way the team has looked in the last 2 games...pathetic really.. :roll: :roll:

Makes sense. If anyone can fix Printers it's Wally and Chappy.

Kelly could have chosen to sign Printers instead he chose to bring in Bishop.

Buono has figured that Printers is worth a look-see.

I think I know, between Kelly and Buono, whose judgment I trust more. . .

Will someone please tell me when this second interception by Bramlet occurred! The league stats say Bramlet threw 2 and Bishop 1 but the only interception I saw by Bramlet was the one that Bryant handed to the Als. I saw 2 by Bishop - one that went off Bowman's hands and the one that would have been called back if Emry had been given a penalty for that cheap shot on Edwards.

I'm with you Blue Blood - only saw one from Bramlet and that should never have occured had Romby cared!
Bramlet protected the ball rather well considering he was under huge pressure and had no idea what he was up against. Those couple of tosses as he was going down scared me - but no blood no foul :smiley:

He did seem a pretty cool and calm guy in the pocket...I kinda liked that.

Who knows...who knows....time will tell...

...I guess the rumour of Kellys demise was greatly exaggerated....he keeps duckin the bombs... :lol: :lol:

Do you think Wally would have brought in Printers if there was any other experienced CFL quarterback available?

...caught between a rock and a hard place was ol Wally....I believe Sankey was still around....he dipped into his bag of tricks before and brought him in....Casey was the best alternative, i believe...we'll see... :wink: