Printers on Friday night football Tonight.

Brian Williams was at The Stadium today.
He was there interviewing Casey.
I was told that Casey Interview will be on Pregame show Tonight for friday night football.

I also got chance to talk to Casey.
What Great young Kid..

So keep eye for interview ..

Thank you Tom for the head's up!

brian williams is slick, this is guy is always lining up these interviews, hopefully casey has ticats gear during the interview.

I think casey could play tommorrow, just give him a few plays to work on, they should even give him two wristbands with the plays on.

[quote="rocket25"]brian williams is slick, this is guy is always lining up these interviews,quote]

WHAT?! Williams' just shows up when he's told to. Thanks the TSN Production staff and coordinators, not that old fart

lol, i mean brian williams' job is slick, he gets paid to do some easy interviews and toss a few cupcake questions.

Ah! Now I hear ya.

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Great interview. Casey is chomping at the bit. Can't wait!

Oski Wee Wee,

too bad they didnt land casey earlier in the year, before the season became lost.

It may be lost, but it's going to be the most fun playing out the string in YEARS.

We are going to see who the ballers are on this club and what new recruits the scouting staff can bring in to bolster the roster.

Every game Casey will play will be worth watching because he will try anything to get the team sparked -- particularly by scrambling.

Oski Wee Wee,

I can't wait to see Printers and Lumsden in the same backfield...This is going to be scary....

Imagine playing against them. It's going to be fun to watch, especially since the Cats should be able to go out loose without any pressure and have some fun...

oskkee wee wee Casey Printers :thup: -- I think Casey looked at the Ticats Depth chart,with lumsden, Ralf ,Baumen and the cast of import recievers,and no competition at QB, hes the distributor to the TiCats Engine :rockin: ---

Excellent interview. Thanx.
Printers looks so confident versus I miss my wife Maas

its gonna be, no pressure, everybody playing loose, i wanna see some sandlot ball.