Printers Not Ready for QB Graveyard

I'm anticipating a lot of fans jumping off the Printers bandwagon and talking about trading him. I'm not ready to dump Printers and still believe in him. More importantly Wally believed in him enough to offer Printers a three year contract before training camp and Wally is a smart man. If he thought opposition teams could defence Printers because teams had figured out his tendancies he wouldn't have offered him the contract.

It took a long time for Dave Dickenson to come back from his knee injury....more than a full season. Last year Dickenson played mostly 'mop' up time prior to the Grey Cup. He also had his early seasons struggles with the benefit of his best off-season training regimen, a full training camp, and loads of first team reps.

Printers isn't recovered from his shoulder cuff injury and has been put in games when he probably shouldn't have played. Casey's desire to play and the Leos desire to put in a back up quarterback when Dickenson couldn't play due to injury resulted in a situation where Casey did not play to his standard. The lack of off-season, training camp, exhibition season, and not enough practice reps shows alongside his injury. He's losing his confidence and getting worse. The offensive is also not presently designed to take advantage of his strengths of rolling out and throwing on the run.
The position of quarterback is the most complex position to play in any team sport. To be successful at this position the player needs to be healthy and have everything going right....because everything is split second timing and decison making and repetition is a big thing at this position.

Printers trade value at present is declining and now wouldn't be the time to trade him if the Leos ever decided to. Wally is going to keep all four quarterbacks for this season and would be smart to. We need to be patient with Printers who only has less than one full season of playing we were patient with Dickenson coming back from his serious knee injury. Developing quarterbacks takes patience. Right now...we have the luxury...based upon Pierces play and our record to be more patient....and wait for Dickenson and Printers to become fully healed before returning. Having all our quarterbacks healthy for the playoffs should be our main priority.

Blitz - you are right on with your Casey supportive comments.

The BC Lions team, franchise and fans would not be where it is today without Casey Printers and his contribution last year for sure and this year for answering the call despite being banged up still.

As much as we should be excited and happy that the team won last night and that Buck Pierce's heroics were the reason it wasn't a loss, that should not be used to knock Casey Printers.

What a difference a year makes and a lot of injuries and lack of preparation time for Casey. Casey did not become a bad player over night. He is still reigning MOP of 2004 and a guy who is committed to the team. Buck Pierce's play is indicative of his talent, poise and ability to learn and read defences as well as an injury free training camp, pre-season, practices and games. That is as much the difference in the two.

Players like Casey Printers are great athletes first and thinking QBs second. Dave Dickenson and now Buck Pierce are more likely to take what they can based on what they see. Casey gets a rhythm to his play that when on is awesome and when off like last night is a struggle for him.

To me all Casey was seeing was Rider jerseys. Buck Pierce says his eyes were downfield on the gaps and thus the receivers. He did himself well by stepping up into the pocket buying him the time the blitz was taking from Casey.

Casey not ready to play does not all of a sudden mean he can't play as any Lion fan of 2004 will attest. Until he gets his fitness back and finds that rhythm in his game, it might be best to let him heal properly now that the Lions are real believers in Buck Pierce.

As you note, Blitz, coming off an injury takes time for a player and especially QB.

Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it....

The BC Lions team, franchise and fans would not be where it is today without Casey Printers and his contribution last year for sure and this year for answering the call despite being banged up still.
Your comments are so bang on Football 16!! Casey Printers played poorly...but there were also other factors which contributed to his play...10/16 for 102 yards...two interceptions. These include that most of the time the Leos were pinned down deep in their own end to start drives, the Leos took uncharacteristic offside and holding penalties which gave Printers a number of series in which he had to deal with making more than 10 yards, the running game was almost non existent (6 carries for 14 yards in the first three quarters in which Printers played) and the offensive line missed some key blocks on pass protection. Throw in the fact that Saskatchewan, right now, has the best defence in the league and Printers was having trouble with his throwing shoulder and you have a dismal offensive performance in the first three quarters.

Buck Pierce played terrific and was impressive, as he has been in every outing so far. This one, under the pressure to time and an undefeated season on the line, was amazing. Pierce was helped more than Printers with an offensive line that finally began playing better to provide him more time on some deep throws and when they didn’t Pierce scrambled and ran well.

Not taking anything away from Buck Pierce but he has had the benefit of a full training camp, exhibition play, and a lot of practice reps. It makes a difference. Printers, with a shoulder injury and very limited practice reps cannot be expected to play consistently well. As Football 16 insightfully notes…Printers rhythm is not there, he’s not looking downfield to read the defence properly, and his arm is not as accurate. Add to the fact the Leos offence has him in the pocket all the time to begin with (not his strength) and we shouldn’t expect any more than Printers has delivered.

The Leos have the opportunity to let Printers heal now and let Pierce step into the number two position when Dickenson comes back. The important thing is to have all their quarterbacks healthy for the stretch drive into the playoffs.