Printers mouthing off again!

Heard on the radio the Printers is claiming that if and when he comes back he was promised to be the number one QB. This after he was critical about how he was treated by Bouno. This has been heard by Dave Dickeson and now he has poopee pants as well! I think Printers just showed many NFL teams what his potential is nothing more then a trouble maker. He has no chance of making a NFL team this will help him miss that opportunity.

[b]Printers lashes out at Wally Buono

Printers and Buono Staff

12/16/2005 3:09:22 PM[/b]
In the midst of his NFL workout tour, Casey Printers felt it necessary to say what may be a parting shot at B.C. Lions general manager and head coach Wally Buono.

"I will not forget how I was treated this past year as far as people kicking me while I was down. I won't forget how I was toyed with," Printers told Team 1040 in Vancouver on Thursday.

"That will always stick with me."

Printers confirmed to the station that Buono had told him that he would be the starter if he returned to the Lions next season.

"That's really fickle to me. Obviously, people have changed their tune. They want me to be the starting quarterback," Printers said.

The news didn't sit well Dave Dickenson.

"I don't want to be anyone's second choice," Dickenson said.

Printers then brought up being benched in the 2004 Grey Cup, and said he was bothered when he had to start last year when Dickenson was a late scratch.

"Why wouldn't you receive a call from your coaches saying, 'Be ready'?" he asked. "That stuff really bothers me."

Printers did say that he would still consider B.C. if offered a contract.

"I still want to be a B.C. Lion because of the city," he told the station. "I don't know where I'd be if people weren't coming up on a daily basis saying how 'we really respect and idolize you.'"

"The (NFL) situations that are occurring, I may have (an) opportunity, but there has to be a total commitment for me to sign a deal."

Printers has started option-year tryouts with NFL clubs this past week, including the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs. He can be signed any time after Jan. 2 and can negotiate until Feb. 15. before he is obligated to return to B.C. and play out his option year.

I think he'll make a team as a 3rd string qb or on the practice roster, and then he'll waste a few years there before realizing he still has to prove himself some more in the cfl.

Have to admit that Printers manipulates the media well!

yeah, lol

I think last year Jason Maas proved he is a bigger man than Printers.

Yes he Maas did prove that, and he also proved he's a better QB than Ray..

how did he prove hes a better QB than ricky ray?....cuz he threw a few touchdowns in key moments but didnt get there himself?...

thats like: u carry me on your back, then i get off at the finish line and run thu the red tape, and claim I won the race.

or.......... i play a videogame and get to the last stage, the last boss and beat him till he almost no power left, then hand the controller to a 2 year old...then when he eventually kills the boss, i tell everyone how a 2 year old beat the game....


heck, if Casey wants to go and join the NFL, where they let R.Williams back after he embarrassed the league, all the power to him, maybe he can take my former favorite team back to the Super Bowl, not.

He did not get them there because we was not given the chance untill the end of the season.
When he was put in the last few games he came off the bench and got the job done.

it doesnt prove he's better...
rickey ray has been to the grey cup game EVERY SEASON hes been starter...can't say the same about Maas.

they are both good, and this year they will finally compete against eachother...should make for some exciting Eskies-Ticats games!

.....the Ti-Cats will sweep the shmoes in ' heard it here first sportsfans........

..........not's more like:

'aaaaaa, uuuuuu, ug, I can't finish this race Jason, help me man, I'm done, you're gonna need to carry me across the finsih line or we stop right here'

'Crap, crap, crap, I can't beat this Boss no matter what I do, Jason, you try to see if you can get past this point and onto the next level, I can't seem to do it by myself'

Casey is acting like a spoiled rotten little boy right now. Unfortunately, his talent allows him to do that, and wether or not he go's to the NFL, he will get his way. Try and tell me that most CFL teams would not clamour to have this guy be their starting QB.
I am an avid BC Lions fan (seasons tix for 4 years) and would love to see Casey ousted in a trade that would bring us a decent O line so Dave could do his job to the best of his ability. Casey might be good, but lets face it, he is no Dave Dickenson.
I know DD has been injury prone in the past, and that has to do with the fact that WALLY refuses to spend money on his O line, but I think this year he learned a very valuable lesson, and next year our O line will be one of the best, if not THE best in the league.
So with all the best, I wish Casey so long, and I hope he helps out the Lions with not making the NFL.

i doubt wally learned anything...he seems to be a stubborn guy....i suspect BC will be the exact same as last season, without Printers, and will miss the playoffs.

Why is Wally quiet during this latest outburst by Printers. Is he hoping how CP will move off into the NFL sunset or is there more going on in the background which we are not privy to? Could it be that BC will keep Printers by signing him to a multi year deal? If so, trading DD to either Winnipeg or Argos. Or, will it be the other way around, with Printers leaving. Regardless of the latest NFL tryouts, Printers has mentioned he wants to stay in the CFL, but only as a starter.

Argotom, Wally will say nothing he has Printers a$$ for one more year. He knows that Printers will not make it so he will have him warm the bench again next year.

Maas got the 'shmoes to the Grey Cup, then Ray ran past the finish line ...

Well what do you know. Todays article from Vancouver, it's almost makes my suggestion prophetic. Who will BC keep? I would without doubt stay with DD.

I hope they stay with the DD..he hardly is ever healthy and they will suffer if they move Printers