Printers May Start For Lions This Weekend

According to, Casey Printers has been taking most of the first team quarterback reps at the B.C. Lions practices this week due to injuries to Buck Pierce and Travis Lulay and he may start against the Riders in Regina this weekend.

Wonder if Lulay will come in after Printer's breaks a nail and is put on the 9G

Good luck Cassey. you have a ton of skill and can still do some great things.

How cool will it be it we somehow manage to host the East Semi, BC crosses over, Casey starts, and we send the indoor kitties back to hippie dippie BC banged, battered, bruised, and out of the playoffs?

You guys are lucky as if the current Argo mismanagement team had not screwed up again, Casey should have been starting the last several weeks for my Argos and would have taken the Cats on this Friday.
How sad.

Yea.. lucky us. .cause we know Casey can carry a team all by himself from FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE!!!!!!!!

Seriously.. you think Printers alone could right the ship below??????

Maybe not alone, but I can tell you he is sure better than the alternative we currently have.

If count chocula would stop trying to make KJ a pocket passer, the Argo's would be doing alot better.

8) Or the opposite result happens....and Casey gets the last laugh, at our expense !!!
 That's always the way these turn out in the end !!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Reread what you said

You guys are lucky as if the current Argo mismanagement team had not screwed up again,[u] Casey should have been starting the last several weeks for my Argos and would have taken the Cats on this Friday[/u]. How sad.
To me that says.. Printers saves the blew team's bacon... no mention of ANY other player!!

Can we agree how one player in a team sport can make a difference especially a QB in the CFL.
There is no better example than the Argos with the two current bad QB’s and earlier this year the same can be said about Winnipeg.

Printers did well with the Lions, so he could have a good game…

When Printers is in shape we all know what he can do, hopefully he is and not the guy who was playing like he was 40 years old while he was here.

Casey Printers' problems in Hamilton were not all caused by Casey Printers. I personally am glad he's not on the Argos and I think he will do ok Saturday considering he has had only a few weeks with the team. I have always felt that Casey can be a star given the right opportunity with proper support. I would not be surprised if he eventually becomes their starter.


I agree , I always thought it was something in his mechanics and I got the feeling he wasnt very coachable when he played here . Also his recievers here were awful and didnt know how to get open downfield when he broke containment . Something that was a strength of himself and the receivers when he played in BC the first time !!!


Within the next 3 years, Casey Printers and the BC Lions will either a) knock Hamilton out of the playoff race in a late season game at Ivor Wynne; or b) Will beat Hamilton in the Grey Cup.

We never should have let him go.

You heard it here first.

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We shall see how Casey fares.

Oski Wee Wee,


How about 3 weeks from this Sunday?
An Eastern Semi-Final possibility -- Lions crossover and play the Cats in Hamilton!

[url=]viewtopic.php?f=5&t=35727&p=586021&hilit=printers+porter#p586021[/url] <<< It's not REALLY a revelatory prediction. ;) We are dealing with a former MOP QB who is still young enough to rekindle his MVP form in the right situation.

In a salary cap league, player turnover is a reality. I don't get easily swayed by guys leaving the roster as much as stay I did as a youth.

Time will tell if Casey bites us back down the road. Let's put the cards on the table. As someone who was a huge Printers backer coming into his Ticat tenure, it simply didn't work out...for a myriad of reasons! I do believe that the Cats had to choose what direction that they wanted to go. The Printers release allowed for extra cap room to make key acquisitions, particularly on defence. Keeping Printers would have meant another m.o. to build around him. I'm not sure that the franchise had the time to risk another Printers flameout if the turnaround wasn't forthcoming.

In my time as a fan, the Clements and Calvillo episodes are the two examples that stick in my mind as "retributive" re bad departures coming back to haunt Hamilton. One could also point to Damon Allen's exit as well re his subsequent success as Toronto QB vs. the Cats. We shall see if and how Printers can accomplish similar feats as a Lion.

Oski Wee Wee,