Printers May be back

Wally has offer Printers a PR slot. Now the ball is in his court…

Wow, didn't see that coming!

I hope he can keep his ego parked and takes this opportunity. If his goal is to get his career going again, then being on a team is better then not being on a team, even if it's the practice roster. Get some practice time in, learn the playbook, and who knows?

I'll be among those cheering loudest.

Live Lions press conference on Team 1040 at 3:10 PM, I’m sure it’s about Printers.

God help us.

The question is, has he got anything left to offer? Pierce is bound to get hurt again the way he was rushing in Saturday's game! :cowboy:

I hate to say it, but Pierce's career should be over for the sake of his health. One more concussion and he could be in serious trouble - not that he hasn't shortened his life already. I know it must be hard for the incredibly competitive athletes to hang 'em up for good, but they gotta think about living a long life for the sake of their family if nothing else. It's well documented that multiple concussions shorten lives considerably.

Anyway, Printers is healthy and a proven talent, and they had to get somebody in there for when Pierce goes down, probably for the final time.

I'm not so sure Printers is a proven talent. He certainly was a few years ago, but time will tell.

And that few years ago was with an amazing team. Almost any QB could have looked good with that team around them.

i hope it puts more buts in the seats.

There aren't that many differences on the offensive side of the ball, a couple of different receivers, a new tailback, and a new left side of the line.

CP is going to need to boost into shape really quick, and re-learn the offense, and if he can do that, with a bit of confidence in himself, he should do just fine. It was nice to hear him speaking in such a humble manner though. That was a nice change.

And if he doesn't do well, it hasn't really hurt us any.

any chance he shows up on friday in calgary

And that happens far more often then people think. Very few QBs can make a bad team look good. Most good QBs also have a good team. If you're happen to be cursed to play for Winnipeg this year, your career as a QB is already over.

No, he's on the PR, so he won't be coming. Lulay and Champion are #2 & #3 for the Stamps game according to the team.

At most, two more games to go for this season.

Oh hes back BABY!!!!!!! hes BACK!!!!!

i woulda loved for the stamps to pick him up as someone to replace burris, as he is on the downslop of his career. but i think he looks awesome as a lion, and beleive thats where he belongs.

All I can say is Wally Buono has proved he is THE MAN bringing CP back in the Lions fold after what went on in the past. Takes a big man to bring him back but Wally knew it was the best decision and yes, it obviously was for all involved. Huge great decision by the Lions.