Printers Looking Good...

Of course aside from the last play in overtime, anyone think that the old Printers might actually be back?

Able to avoid the rush on a lot of plays, moving around in the pocket. Really strong throws across his body (tough to do), good zip on the ball. For his first game back in a long time, he looks really good. And if you think about it, he's got another 2 games to keep progressing... if he does he could catch fire come playoff time and be a huge difference maker.

And all of this was in a really tough environment is Saskatchewan too...

printers has always been good.

only now he's back with a good group of receivers, and a good o-line.
in hamilton, he has the worst group of receivers ( are any of them in the league anymore? ), and a terrible o-line.

his performance just cemented that theory.

That and there are certain players who only seem to excel under a specific coach. Printers is one such player. For what ever reason I believe he would play equally as horrible as he did in Hamilton on any team other then a Wally coached team.

Now imagine if he ego hadn't got to his head and he stayed in BC the last 3 years. It's sad for Buck but I believe Printers will be the starter for BC for the foreseeable future and years.

Um... Yes. Chris Bauman and Prechae Rodriguez are still with the Tiger-Cats.

Printers looked VERY GOOD tonight!!!! WOW!!!!

Bauman's gone from bum to decent N/I, our OL's definitely 4x as strong, Prechae's gone from stellar to average, Tony Miles is gone, Pat Woodcock is gone, Scott Mitchell is gone, Jo Jo Walker is gone, etc.

Printers looked fantastic considering he is obviously rusty with not having played. The whole limelight thing here in Hamilton combined with other factors as, yes, not very good receivers, just added up to a bad situation for him here. When you get the money he was being paid, people expect him to be the saviour no matter how bad the team is. Am I wishing him luck in BC? I don't really care, don't wish him bad luck I don't think he's a bad guy, but I don't think he's a super great guy either, whatever. He was entertaining to watch last night, I'll grant you that.

I don't remember any of our receivers getting as open as Arceneaux was on that one play, or making the catches that Simon was making with two guys hanging off his shoulders. Great receivers can make an average QB look good, and terrible receivers can make a great QB look bad.

How fitting, though, that it all ended with an interception. Just a reminder to Suitor and all those others who were wetting their pants about Printers being "back" that, great receivers and great coaches aside, that's still the same Casey Printers that they were bad-mouthing when he wore black and gold.

True enough about the bad mouthing as you say BigD.

Casey Printers was incredible and that's after not having played a down of football in how long. Some QB's thrive in certain environments and under the right offensive strategy. Case in point is Kerry Joseph - thrived in Sask. but not so much in TO. I think Printers was meant to be with Wally who brings out the best in him. Lord help us all in the playoffs if he improves his play from the way he played against the Riders.

Is Printers now the 1st string QB in BC? What happens if Buck is ready to go next week?

I would think Buck is the starter no questions asked. CP knows that.

Casey definitely tossed up at least a few jump balls that easily could have been picked, his receivers played very well. For a guy not playing any meaningful ball in such a long time he certainly looked better than I expected.

Casey looked good and especially for a guy who missed half of the season with no camp.
I keep saying how some of the GM's including the Argo stooges made a big mistake in at least not inviting him to camp.
He is most definitely a substantial upgrade from the current cast we have with the Argos.

The problem is bigger than just the QB situation in Toronto though, which is why I think he would be no better there than he was with Hamilton. Hamilton is a much improved team this year, and it's because the team has gotten better overall, I think Casey would look decent with them this year.

Agreed with you, there are numerous issues with the Argos, but the biggest piece of the puzzle is the QB position which in all likelihood would have been solved if Printers and or Bishop were invited to camp to battle for the starters job.

....a little early to make a call on Printers being resurrected but he looked good last night.... Bishop is proving he's not done....Funny how two qbs. ' banished' to possible obscurity have rebounded and look to continue promising careers....hmmmmmm :roll: :roll:

I was one of the bigger doubters out tehre and I am quite impressed. Tho, it does create a certain well played out senario in BC, who's the starting QB? If Printers keeps improving, its very possible that JJ and Buck'll be gone in the offseason. Too bad about Buck (injuries) but JJ never was consistant.

For the people saying he threw jump balls, did you forget about the fact that he hasn't played a game for over a year? Considering the situation, he played amazing for a guy with rust on him.

And as much as Buck is being paid, Casey is clearly the best guy for the job right now. He can move in the pocket and avoid the pressure. If Buck was in last night with the way our O-Line was playing, his career would've been over. Jackson is wildly inconsistent, and Lulay still needs more time before he can be named a starter.

My prediction for next season:

  1. Printers
  2. Jackson
  3. Lulay
  4. Champion

Buck gets dealt to Toronto or cut outright if there's no deal to be had.

I almost totally agree but with Toronto's inconsistant O Line they'll want somebody who can ruuuuun for the hiiiills. Run for yooooour liiiiife! :rockin:

But if Casey is the starter Wally would want Jaroius as #2. That way he has two guys that can move the pocket and things are more consistent. On top the that he keeps the guy that's a better leader, has the bigger arm, and can play in short yardage and take the abuse.