Printers looked great

I'm really surprised, in a good way, how well Printers played. He showed hardly any rust when you consider how long he was out. He really only made 1 bad play all night.
Makes you wonder about next week...

he did a good job. tough loss...

ya that int in OT was brutal but what was even more brutal...the bear hug given to the receiver on this same play...i cant believe there wasnt more complaints about that...brutal PI but a good game none the less printers played well above what i thot he would show.


An admirable performance from Printers in his first game back. Too bad he made such an error in judgement at a critical time in the game. It certainly tarnishes an otherwise great performance.

he should of took the hit... but geroy was open for a split second..

geroy at no point in time was open LOL he was doubled the entire time...what printers was playing was the missed PI should have been made...putting the ball on the 1 yard line game over lions win...again another iffy call costing a team the game in OT at least the call made last week was a proper call...this was a brutal missed call just brutal

haha fine, but yes it was a bad call by refs.

Printers played a good game, but he can play better, there where glimpses of the old Casey, but with limited first string reps you know his playbook was limited, give him a few starts, with the lions receivers, he will shine.

Nice to see Grice- Mullin finally dropped......since he dropped everything thrown his way this year. Bumpas was a nice replacement.

Marsh, stil terrible 2 point conversion right in front of him, how can you bump off 5 yards on your man you're covering, when they are starting at the 5?...useless.

like, damn, 1 yard line, 2-3 trys, TD we win, dumb ref, PI FOR SURE.

agreed...d shit the bed in the last couple minutes...that last td was way to wide open

Casey can hold his head up high in my books.

i agree but that last decision is kinda a big blemish...watching the reply tho you can see what he saw...with 2 riders bearing down on him geroy is only in single man on man...throws it up to let geroy make the play...and than the saftey in a low zone sneaks underneath and takes advantage...

I think he will only get better, assuming he can stay healthy unlike our other QB's

Printers can play better :thup: :cowboy: . He was entertaining :o :smiley: :slight_smile: at times, he just needs more reps and must pace himself as much as possible 8) !

Casey played a GREAT game for his first time in like half a year, he just got his rust off, he will be only better.

This is one....long time Ti-Cat fan that was very impressed with Printers.
For a player that did not go through even a training camp, with any team...and was doing little else but waiting by the phone, for most of the season, I thought Casey did a great job in his first start in 2009. Wally has given Printers "what could be" his last chance in the CFL, after the disaster in Steeltown....
And I hope Printers can regain the abilities that he had in 2004. That not only would be great for the BC Lions and their fans...but also for the "complete CFL as a whole."
Way-to-go....Casey, I hope you get another start. :thup:


Printers looked JUST OK. not great... same old Casey spends too much time running around in the backfield and then throws in a panic. He's gotta learn to stay in the pocket and get a quick release. That is the difference between a QB with experience and one who can't seem to read the defense. However I noticed his arm is still pretty strong, some of his passes were very strong and on the mark.. he needs to develope that and forget about all the scambling around... I still perfer the style of Buck... and even Lulay ... Let's hope the others are well enough to play in the semi-final... cause I think we will be going back to Regina in a few weeks. I would say invite Casey back to training camp next year and let's see how the 5 QB's flush out... I am sure Wally could get a nice trade for one of them... (not that I am point any fingers... but I know some teams would be interested in JJ)

Yeah, he had a decent game, but held onto the ball to long and had to scramble quite a few times. He had a good 2 to 3 seconds on most snaps to get rid of the ball. I am not a fan of this guy (used to be) and watching him play as qb for the lions really irked me all game. I guess the "No 1." on his shirt stands for conceited idiot. A leopard can't change its spots. I just prayyyy he is not here for the long term. Buck Pierce is a better qb, just wish he could get rid of the injury bug.