Printers limping last week

Last week I noticed that he was limping after every play. I just put it off that he was getting bombarded but now I think he might have been injured when the signed him

No. He rolled an ankle about 1/2 way through the second quarter last week. It was obvious when it happened, and hampered his mobility for the rest of the half, but he showed only occasional signs of it in the second, usually after the play was over. Sorry, this conspiracy theory won't fly.

Charlie Taaffe said that Casey strained
the hamstring muscle in his left leg
in August at Kansas City Training Camp.

Fortunately, it was not a torn hamstring muscle.

Last night he tweaked it on a sprint out.

It sounds like Charlie thinks it will settle down
and Casey will be ready for next game.


If it is still bothering him next game,
it will probably affect his ability
to get up to speed as fast on sprint outs.