printers leadership

just curious....what do the printers fans now think of his humble nature. i remember when he first got here and claimed that he was going to be the best in the world and we were one play away etc. some people including my self thought this was a jack ass thing to say......but all the printers fans vehemently claimed that this was great leadership and what the cats needed. soooo i would love to know where those same people are and what they think about his interview today during the game. basically a different man. very humble and very composed. its my opinnion that he learned a lesson from his mistakes and mouth but i would love to hear how the printers supporters spin it.

I'm a Ticat supporter who doesn't go in for all the Starter vs. Backup supporter crap, but I'll say what I thought then. He was a little over-zealous and really just wanted to generate some hype. I don't think he was any less of a leader then than he is now.

Sure he learned a lesson. DOesn't mean I still don't like the confidence he brought. maybe he shouldn't have been so brash but I for one didn;t have a problem. Coming in he probably didn';t realize that his WR's would drop so many passes or that his o line would take that many stuopid penalties that would nbegate some great plays.

He showed fire and the will to win.

I don't care who the QB is as long someone does something.

Give him somebody that can actually run a pass route and watch out.

Nice to see us throwing downfield on a regular basis!

He's a great player, and showed it today.

Bud Steen should be fired for throwing a flag on Printers for complaining that Armstead DID catch that pass that was ruled a non-catch (the one on the sidelines where Armstead's feet were clearly both in when he caught the ball). In that instance, Printers showed his fire. I liked it.

As others have suggested, if we had more than two starting receivers on this team (i.e. Ralph and Armstead...the others like Curry, Walker and Bauman just aren't starters), Printers would have 300+ yards passing every game.

Mis-quote. He said he WANTED to be the best player in the Country, and other countries...

Is there anybody out there that does not WANT to be the best in the world at their job?

Printers deserved the OC.

Armstead was clearly out of bounds and Printers looked stupid by freaking out at a ref that clearly made the right call.

Printers is the most talented athlete since McManus to arrive in Hamilton. I loved when he got into the face of the Ref. I loved his bosting. What do you want him to say? I'm a shit QB and this is a shit team. We're fucked.

This guy is a gamer. He knows now that he's not going to turn Hamilton around on his own or over night.

I'd rather have Printers to build a team around than any other QB in the league despite his so called 'jackass' remarks

Yes his feet were inbounds but he was sitting on the turf out of bounds when he caught it.

AS much as I think the refs are doing a terrible job, they are not always wrong.

Casey has always come across as humble and confident to me. Yeah he talked abit of jive coming in. He was showboating. He never said he was the best in the world. He's a young guy, very confident and abit brash. So what?

In fact in his signing press conference he stated that he doesn't think he's just gonna come in and start throwing for 400 yards and 5 touchdowns every game. All that "get your popcorn" stuff was just hype and I think it was kinda funny and lighthearted. I don't think it was meant as anything more. But when interviewed in any serious interviews he has always been humble but optimistic and confident.

Why must there always be a feud over who supports which players here? Regardless, he is the Man on this team. I think we're starting to see that he's still the Casey Printers that every team was bidding for, and that every opponent fears.

As far as his leadership, I think he's fantastic. He is in control on the field and he encourages his teammates when on the sidelines.

We're lucky to have him. Just be happy :smiley: