Printers - just how good will he be this year

You know we’ve talked a lot here about Chang and Williams and now Bishop. But we have potentially the best QB in the league as our Number 1 guy and there just is not enough written here about how lucky we are. I personally think Printers (as a complete package) is the best in the league and he will soon prove that to the rest of the CFL world. Besides his obvious athletic skills, I see him as a real team leader. I would not be surprised that by the midpoint of the season that he will be leading the league in a number of statistics and will be leading the Cats to a very respectable season. Comments appreciated…

Grrrrrrreat. :smiley:

Printers is one of the most talented QB's in this league. But i don't think he will lead the league in many passing statistics just because we will be trying to get Jesse 20 touches a game, plus Tre Smith getting some touches.

so I can't see him leading in categories such as passing yards or passing touchdowns, but he has the talent to lead the league in categories such as QB rating or completion percentage. I can't see him throwing many int's either. :slight_smile:


I think he will do good enough to be a keeper, but not in the top 3 in rating, for whatever that is worth.

Wow, that's the nicest thing I've heard you say about Printers, FYB.

As for me, I agree with a previous post that he will not lead in passing yards, or even TDs thrown. Simply because this Ticat team has a very strong running game, which we obviously need to utilize.

Casey does have the potential to have the best completion percentage. Average yards per pass may be low due to the young receiving corps, he won't throw deep a lot. He certainly has the potential though, to also lead the league in rushing yards among QBs and rushing TD. He certainly showed that in the Toronto game.

More then anything, I am impressed with Printers' leadership. Danny Mac must be rubbing off on him. I admit, I was weary when they first signed him. But every time I've heard him speak this year and from what I've seen him do in games, he is a LEADER.

Great example: After Mitchell fumbles in the Montreal game, he obviously gets down on himself, like any rookie. The next drive, Printers goes right to Mitchell again. Mitchell catches for a big gain, and regains his confidence. Nothing outstanding by Printers, doesn't deserve a medal, but is showing that he has confidence in his receivers.

You can never expect your QB to lead the league in every category. Even Flutie never did that. What makes a great qb are the intangibles.

Jesse has to get his touches to establish the run. Though the lack of passing is one thing that concerns me about the offense. As good as the running game is, the average game they'll gain somewhere between what they got the first game, and the second game. We won't average 300 yards per game, so with a quarterback like Printers you have to utilize him alot more. Even if Jesse gets his 20 touches, there's lots of room for passing. 20 carries is not on the high end for a running back.

How good will Casey be? I think he's played within the system and has been very good. I don't know how good he will be if you're talking about statistics but he's ran the offense very well thus far. His goal this year was 5500 yards. He won't achieve that, especially in this offense. But I think we'll see much of the same from him the rest of the season.

As strong as the running game is, you have to pass more in the CFL than we have been doing.