Printers is still our man

I'm sure there'll be a few people out there knocking Printers game and the INT's that he threw... but c'mon... he's hurried WAY too often! It's obvious that he's an exceptional athlete. 100+ yards rushing... that doesn't happen accidentally. Once we get an O-Line Printers will eventually hoist the Grey Cup for us.

Good post... overall he played well and its game 1 for him with the new coach. Hats off to CP for a solid effort.

Yeah, Printers made a few mistakes... but he also kept us in this game. The dive at the end that caused the fumble... not a fan. BUT... that was a player trying to make a play. TRYING to win the game at all costs. That's more than I can say for the beloved hometown boy.

A for Effort on that play, but F for Brains.
Just protect the ball. One extra yard gained by diving is meaningless at that point.

Casey did his best - unfortunately too many dropped balls hurt too many drives. Nice to see high intensity and not too many penalties. Too bad - we seemed to get short end of the stick on calls at timely points of the match.

Printer get better every time he %^&&*& up. He is learning to be humble the hard way! He is not our problem and we have good depth at QB, the problem is our horrible defense!


printers sucks....can't hold on to the ball...we lose...and I'm not even gonna mention the interceptions

That is true, but everyone knocked Richie for the same thing. I don't understand it. But overall it was a solid game and I have faith in two QB's who wont lose a game for us.

He played great for a guy in his first ever cfl start as a qb. But wait........he is the savior and former mop. 4 picks, 2 for tds, another that led to 7 more in one play and he fumbled the ball away on the final drive that could have won the game. Ticat fans shouldnt accept it and praise him. There were positives(running) but it was his worst game as a ticat and he more than anyone else was responsible for the loss.
He tried hard, but he made bad decisions that cost the team the game in the end. I like him and believe he should be the starter, but he stunk tonight overall and choked up biggest when the game was on the line.

Too many bad interceptions, the type that are thrown into double coverage to the sidelines that when intercepted leaves no ticats to stop the defender and resulting in a td. He is a good qb, but, every time he runs he is taking the recievers out of the game. It could start to get frustrating for the recievers if they run hard every play knowing they will never get the ball thrown to them. I dont want to bash Printers, he is one heck of a competitor, but we should leave the running up to Caulley.

If it werent for the turnovers by Casey we would have blown the Eskies away.

Defense was awesome! I think that someone must have taught them how to pickup the screen pass, we were only burned for maybe 100 yards off the screen instead of our usual 200 a game! We are a dangerous team if we can stop the screen.

Casey often ran to open space,sudburyfan.

No receiver would begrudge him for those runs.

I still dont like seeing him run, he holds the ball WAY out and always slides head first. He is a good competitor but still, sread the ball around. Bauman is not blanket covered every play. Woodcock was once thought of as a clutch reciever. And when Casey ran into open field it was because he held the ball too long and the pocket collapsed. then he would deke out the defenders (impressive every time) and run for 10. My point is every other QB throws the ball while the pocket is intact and the recievers catch the ball and do their thing. Maybe our team is not cohesive with his style of play. Maybe that is why Porter is number 2, as Williams is very similar in style as Casey and marcel might want to try something different.

Just my 2 cents.

Funny how if our Dollar Store Defense makes 1 stop with 2 minutes left we're saying "Casey did enough to get the win despite the mistakes... but still a win is a win"

Since we couldnt stop the St Thomas More girls flag football team, its Printers' fault.

Most of the points againat were of his turnovers, that is all I am trying to say. Our defence is pretty good for the guys we have in there. Glasper is a BIG loss, he may not be the best safety but he is our best, and no Moreno, I thought they did ok, kept us in the game! We were not blown away!

Funny how if our qb didnt fumble the game away on the final drive, throw 14 direct interception points, give away another 7 on another pick, and throw yet another pick, run when recievers were open, miss recievers that were open.............we would be saying " we beat edmonton easily on there home field"
The defence didnt stop them with two minutes to go but printers caused more points against than the defence and the defence set the table for the offence with turnovers of their own. Our qb had the ball with a minute to go in the game an a touchdown can win it, he fumbled, thats bad enough. Add in the 4 picks, two for tds, and its a bad day.

Not sure why people are happy with the "D" either!
I had to go outside before the 2 and 20 cuz I could take seeing Ray get the first down! I knew they would!

Its never just been one player who will make or break things.

I'm not happy with our DC nor am I pleased with Printers play. Too many bad choices from both!


I'm still not sold on Cassey Printers...

I'm no expert...but Cassey seems to be trying to do too much, on his own. That was his major downfall in BC. ( just ask the BC fans )
This is a


I'd like to see Printers more composed out there. I remember seeing him on the sidelines during the last game, agitated and speaking to Bauman on the sidelines--eventually, Bauman just turns away. Printers needs to just relax and think through the game like Ray or Calvillo. You can see those guys' heads are into it at all times. Printers' emotions get the best of him sometimes and then he can't perform physically.

An Argo-Cat fan

Barneyfife, trust me, I am not looking to reply to all of your posts but again you a bang on. Casey, I guess is Casey.. but not the stoic General I would like to see.

I don't like his (we just won grey cup) celebrations when offence makes a 1st down. Don't get me wrong, it is very important to keep each other pumped up for 60 min. but with his displays, it appears he may not be focused on the "bigger game plan" and what is next step.

Maybe this is part of reason our "O" plays don't progress & adapt.. too much reaction. Who knows??? DJM