Printers is starting

hmmmm I would not hesitate to call Glenn great right now. Is he one of the GREATS? no, but is he playing great right now, YES. I think I would take Glenn right now over most (accept Calvillo) right now. He’s won three straight, should have been four straight. His QB rating is what, like 96. One of the hottest QBs over the last four games. I don’t have any problem using the word great. :rockin:

As mentioned we need to get lots of pressure on Casey and force him to throw the ball. I'm sure his thumb isn't 100% even though he is playing so we need to make him use that as much as possible.

I hope the folks in Box H really, really relentlessly lay into him. :twisted:

-ask him if he'll finaly complete a pass to a guy in black and gold
-tell him his left tackle isn't holding his ground
-ask him if he's thrown for 5000 yards in a season yet
-tell him his got the face for radio but not the personality
-tell him we're glad to see him playing in BC, because now we know Hamilton's going to Montreal
-challenge him to a thumb wrestling match

seriously, someone in sec 6, or box H please promise they will git in his head! There's so much ammo!
I'm all the way over in sec 27 and can only realy razz guys near my sideline.

With Printers I believe the most important thing is to maintain outside containment. We need pressure for sure but the linemen need to be disciplined in their rush or he’ll take off for first downs. He presents a challenge in that we need to keep the linebackers at home and force him to beat us with his arm. Are our DB’s up to the challenge Hmmmm. Could be a long day for the defense. Thankfully the BC defense isn’t very good

You have issues.. work on that.

Agreed. Considering he's started only 7 games with some back up duty, he has amassed some pretty impressive numbers.

Printers? No. three starts and is 0-3.

DON'T underestimate Printers. I have watched every game he has played for BC and he is playing very good. They have not won, but it sure has not been his fault. His numbers are pretty good...

True enough, but the jury is still out, but out.

I just hope BC's defence remains as pourous as it has been all season long.

If we play as well as we have, we win by two TDs. If not, it’ll be one heck of a game.

Sounds about right to me.