Printers is starting next week. Good desicion?

I for one, think it is an excellent decision, the was he played last game, he for sure deserves it. And he will even have more rust off, which will make him better. And if we can protect him a bit more, he will have more time. He will also learn from his mistakes (he only really made 2) because he has been watching the tapes over. And I also don't think the crowd will be as loud as rider fans. Good decision to put printers in! :slight_smile: Good luck Printers and GO LIONS GO!

He looked good and there's lots of injuries so it makes sense.

Yup... good decision. I think he'll do well if we can get a good offensive game plan in place (don't want to force him to constantly improvise)

Well i really don't think Wally has a choice. Really. You have JJ who hasn't played in roughly 8 weeks, Buck is still fighting the cobwebs from his last injury to his shoulder .Best bet that he just rest and heal for the last two weeks. Don't know how serious Lulay injury is . So basically were stuck with Zac and Casey. Hopefully we can clinch a spot this week and rest Casey the last week instead of risking an injury to him.

I'd love to see Printers start against Calgary. I think he put a lot of coaches/teams on notice by his performance against Saskatchewan. He is an excellent scrambler and his passes were sensational. Jarious can be great too but if Jarious is cold he is terrible and is like a loose cannon. Pierce has been hit so many times that I think this would affect his play calls and the way he plays the position. It's like being T-boned in a car crash. If it happens enough times you start looking all over the place and imagining things that aren't there; like 300 pound tacklers- or ARE they there? Hmmmm......I like Lulay but I think Printers has got the experience that Lulay lacks.

Love him or hate him you gotta hand it to Printers. He almost pulled it off last Saturday.

Yes, he deserves to play after his last performance. Let the others heal up. I want to see if he can replicate his last performance minus the terrible mistake. Should be interesting again. Go Casey Go! :rockin: