Printers Is Money

Casey Printers throws darts consistently on the money. He's the best QB we've had in a while. Oskee Wee Wee.

Best since Danny Mac, without a doubt.

We haven't had a quarterback since Danny Mac. It's been one nightmare after another. Casey's doing what he's asked to do and a little bit more. We still haven't seen the best of him though. I say that as a good thing, because by mid-season I think the passing game will be rolling full steam ahead.

Printer is the definition of a money player.

Whatever he has to do to win, he will do it.

Pass, run, pump up his team on the sideline.

I second what all of you are saying. He's just getting started. The enthusiasm that he brings to the team. Some say he is a me guy, but that is not true and has never been true. I know this man and have followed his career. What you are seeing is what he has always done. He either wins or improve any team that he's a part of. That's the honest TRUTH...He's a general on the field...and as the OC and CHarlie get to know him and his team embraces him, which I can see they have...This team is coming together and man once they are fully bonded, look out hamilton, because the General is about to take you guys on one exciting ride. Peace and Love to all you fans..Oh yeah, show my boy Printers some love man. He deserves it and he's earned it. Go TICATS all the way....

My only worry is that Danny will have too much influence on Printers running ability.LOL
The first TD where he fell and bounced towards the goal line and the second where he took a nasty hit to the head were not pretty.


That's what makes him dangerous. Some people want make him a one dimensional qb, that can only run. Casey can stand in the pocket and deliver the ball, he can run and hit his receiver in stride, he can do short dump off, pump fakes, and he can delivers deep balls very accurately. This kid is the complete package if his O-Line can protect him and keep his protected.

I like his running ability. And his ability to not give up the sack...he did get called for grounding once, but he has the athleticism to scramble and get the ball out of harms way...without an INT.

I really think after seeing Casey work last night that he is the most talented QB in the league.
We have the best Quarterback,and the best Runningback in the league.
Nice combination!!

2 games no int's when was the last time we could've said that? He makes good decisions, he can extend the play with his feet as well as get up field and make a positive out of a negative. Last year he looked rusty, it looks like he's starting to get back into the flow of things. I agree we have not seen the best of CP yet.

Casey's stiff arm on Eiben was good, so good that Eiben had to result to a facemask cause he wasn't able to bring him down. which end resulted in a huge first down on a broken play.