Printers is going with Montreal.



Dude, he's psychic...just look at his handle! :lol:

LOL...there a lot of that going around here

psychiccatfan just may be right. Steve Milton's article from today's Spec:

[url=] ... cle/244529[/url]

...not very encouraging

Milton's articles are usually pretty accurate. I hope Hamilton fans are equally prepared for a huge let-down should he decide to go elsewhere. :?

8) Not very encouraging is right !!! Even after being invited to come to Hamilton to check things out, Printers is reportedly gone to Montreal first to talk to them !!!! With the report that Printers wants to go to a team with the best opportunity to win, where does that leave us !!!!!!

The writing is on the wall already !!!!! :frowning:

It was that filthy hot water-less visitors dressing room, wasn't it. Damn.

Well, maybe money isn't everything after all although if he does win with the Als this year, more exposure, more money with a GC team etc. Can't blame the guy really I suppose.

I feel sick now.

Just another reason for me to hate Jim Popp and his ridiculous hockey hair.

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On the money thing, the speculation is that the Cats have the most to spend, but that's only because they are currently spending the least. Everyone is forgetting that the Als are the one team that has (by refusing to turn thier books over to the league office) declared themselves exempt from the salary management system.

Really section8, they can refuse to turn their books over to the league? How can the league know, therefore, what they are spending?

It was reported recently that Montreal either have refused to turn their books over for review, or indicated that they will not turn them over - I don't remember the details. Either way, this may be the first real test of whether the new commish has been given any teeth.

Some guy on the Alouette site said that according to a B.C. radio station, Printers agreed to a contract with Montreal only to stand up Popp at the airport.

But who knows. Just more fuel for the fire!

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ps. Am I the only one that notices the internet has ushered in a decline in the field of "reporting" and lead to a new field known as "educated speculation?"

Sources? Who needs sources! A + B = C!

I've noticed it too Paul although you might be too nice using the term "educated". Perhaps "creative speculation" might be more appropriate?

Posted at 8:34am today on TSN:

I was just about to post the same thing. So which source is correct???

Here is the most interesting part of the TSN story

According to CKNW, as many as five teams were said to be in the running for Printers with the the Montreal Alouettes believing they had a deal with the 2004 Most Outstanding Player until the Ticats swooped in with a last minute offer he could not refuse.

I would trust TSN more than the Spec.

Why? Because they are a television network and have a lot more access to insider sources along with a lot more resources to find things out.

Here is more news that suggests TSN might have it right:

[url=] ... b2af3d3804[/url]

"Coincidentally, speculation swirled last night that free-agent QB Casey Printers was close to signing with the Als. Printers was scheduled to fly to Montreal last night, but those plans were suddenly derailed and he's now considering offers from Montreal, Hamilton and Toronto."