[b]Heheheeee. Well at least I got your attention!

Jussssst kiddddding! Bwaaaaaaaaa.....aahhhhhhhhhhhh.

I was just trying to get up for the Hamilton/B.C. game. Yaaaaawwwn..... :lol: [/b]

I new, you didn't get ME - but good one just the same. you got to keep your eye on the hound or else he'll be chewing on something.

Well you know what beaglehound; our Eskies stopped Hamilton and the Lions will do the same.
Give me a B…Give me a C. -
The Lions roared in 1964 =========== 1963 they played for the Cup - in 64 they went East to get the Cup. :cowboy:
25-20 is the final score ================ B.C. over Hamilton at Empire Field.

Oh the days of yesteryear Oldclarke.....the days of yesterday. It was the '64 Grey Cup with Joe Kapp, Fleming et al that got me hooked on CFL football for good and I was just a kid. I remember the heart stopper play in the '63 Grey Cup when Mosca injured Fleming, the Lions' star receiver. After the '64 Grey Cup game I could not wait until the '65 season. The opening game if I recall was against the Bombers. The Lions lost and then went on to have a dismal season. They did not not even make the playoffs in '65 and if I recall there were not many personnel changes that year. I could never understand how the Lions were able to go from sitting on the throne of the CFL to status of septic tank dwellers in one year.....could not understand it at all.

I do believe the Lions shall prevail this evening and we will see the beginnings of a great surge of victories. I hope I'm not dreaming because to be honest with you backer@oldclarke your Eskies did stop Hamilton but those same Eskies stomped all over the Lions last week. The Lions didn't just give blood to the skeeters there in Edmonton I'm afraid. Our B.C. Lions were not even in the same league as the least not last week.

You're gonna give me a stroke with posts like that. Mind you, we have played like chicken S&#@ so far.

Here's to our first win tonight! See you all there.

One of my fellow Bomber fans topped this last year sometime after Buck went down. The thread was "Bombers Sign Bishop"...and it turned out to be receiver Joey Bishop. :lol:

Damn.... too bad this is false. .this signing would have guaranteed a Ti-Cats victory tonight!!


not if he was back in hamilton :slight_smile: