First of all Ticat fans, congrats for landing potentially the best QB in the league, but before you start printing the Grey cup t-shirts remember that while Casey's rep is very strong in actual fact his time in the CFL has been limited. He also played for a very strong team which isn't the case here. He has a well earned rep for being a disruptive influence in the locker room and has never hung around any one team for a long time. He has all the skills but is primarily a running QB who is prone to getting hurt.

Trading Maas was a dumb thing to do. Chang is light years away from being a pro QB and IMOHO will never be more than a third stringer. Mass would have been the perfect compliment to Casey. Remember that Maas best performed when he was in competition with Ricky Ray. As it is Maas is going to bide his time in Montreal watching and learning and healing from his Ticat experience. he very well might be the next A.C.

Yes -- it's always a gamble putting that kind of coin down on a player.

Disruptive in the locker room? Could have been. Benching MVP QBs for championship games and subsequently losing them isn't a recipe for Kumbaya, either, but I digress.

His relative inexperience in Canada is tempered by the fact he has played at an elite level in this league before. I am sure the NFL experience has made him more diligent re fundamentals, mechanics, and preparation. In competing to get onto the active roster, I'm sure he worked his tail off in practice as well. Being a couple of years older usually helps a young QB in the maturity department.

His being a gamble with blue chips is better than the buffalo chips we've dealt with the last few years. I intend to get out my potato chips and start having a blast just watching him play starting Saturday evening!

Game on! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee, guys deserve a little fun...


You Alouette fans may get a taste of what we have been through for the past year and a half if Maas gets into a game. So much little delivered. For every two plays he runs, there will something stupid to follow.
I wish him well in Montreal but you have been warned.
Relief for us is spelt P-R-I-N-T-E-R-S.
I would take all of his perceived faults any day over what we have seen from Maas during his time here.

I will take former CFL MVP any day over the week then Maas!

I think it's great that Printers signed with the ticats.

As far as Maas goes, he isn't here to save the franchise.

Here he will have a decent o line

Here he will have receivers who can catch the ball.

here he will understudy one of the best QB's in the last decade.

Here he will benefit from watching without the pressure of carrying a team to respectability.

In BC, Printers played for the best team in the league at that time. He will do fine in Hamilon one the rest of the car has been rebuilt. Hope he is patient enough to wait for that to happen..

Als4ever wrote,

In BC, Printers played for the best team in the league at that time. He will do fine in Hamilon one the rest of the car has been rebuilt. Hope he is patient enough to wait for that to happen..
what`s this rebuilding stuff??

Hamilton doesn`t need to rebuild. We needed one major thing, ( which every team in the Cfl needs, and that is a QB) And we got it in Printers!!
As far as the receivers go. Sure they have dropped a few passes. But our receivers corps is good. Armstead, Bauman, Ralph, Curry, Jo Jo Walker. There is definately nothing wrong with our receivers. We just needed a Qb that could actually throw a long ball to them.

Kicking is strong. We might need an o lineman and a d back. But our running game is excellent.
All around were pretty good. I think you will see with a strong QB this team will turn around and score more points. Also the defence won`t be as exhausted from the offence going 2 and out all the time.
I think what the ticats needed the most was some belief and they got that in Printers.

als4ever wrote:
"here he will understudy one of the best QB's in the last decade.
Here he will benefit from watching without the pressure of carrying a team to respectability."

as4ever: Good grief. May I remind you that Maas is 31 years old and has been a pro football player for around 10 years. He's been through the learning and back up process.He reached his level of competence a long time ago and unfortunately its just not good enough. I would want any be capable of being a starter.
It sounds like the guy you are talking about just jumped off the turnip wagon and started to play football!

Hey werent you one of the gus who said how Chang would make alot better starter than Jason Maas ???

Re als4ever- Montreal's receivers are good. But can they catch Maas,s floaters, ducks, and ground burners??? not to mention the behind the wrong shoulder specials, and the passes especially designed for receivers with 6 ft arms.!! :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems our receivers caught the ball just fine when Ritchie Williams was throwing it!

Hey no question the Printers signing kickstarted the Cats on the road to repectabilty...Maas will do fine as a backup maybe even a third stringer. Mtl's expectations are a lot less demanding.Just remember one thing...A QB isnt going to change a 1-9 team that ranks last or next to last in every major defensive category. Rebuilding isn't a dirty means that you recognized that there are pieces missing or weak cogs and are dealing with it. Try to be objective. Chang did't have what it takes....maybe a couple of years of watching a star like Printers will do him good. So obviously the Printers signing is a good thing for the cats and Chang. But I don't think that Casey will like watching his passes dropped by Brock who might be the next Pat Woodcock...

Think his well documented ego will handle his team's swiss cheese defence giving up an average of 26 points per game?

Can you say NFL training camps?

But that was in garbage time...

He still has to throw the ball accurately and with authority.

He still has to hang on to the ball when being chased or tackled.

He still has to make the play and earn the respect of his team mates.

[url=] ... 51-cp.html[/url]

"I was talking with Casey (on Monday morning) for a little bit and he really wants to win, which is awesome," Lumsden said. "We were sitting there and he was drawing up plays on a scrap piece of paper.

"It's great to see he's taking the initiative to get ready to play his part this season."

Casey sounds like a team player to me.

Spare me this!

We have some of the best RB's in the League. We NOW have one of the best "running" QB's that has come to play in the CFL in the same time Charon and Hudson FINALLY return to the we can stop dissing the OLine...

I don't think we have receiver issues...these guys "have" football (read Chris Schultz over at TSN!) you are going to have the potential, in Hamilton, to have the offence on the field a lot more.

The limiting factor is the gameplanning. Thatmeans coaching, and we have GOT to get better there, whatever it takes.

That side of the game seems to be secured by bringing in Printers, who is apparently uninjured, does not have lead feet, has CFL experience and an ability to lay the ball out to stretch opposing defences.

The defensive lines DOES need another rush end. We have one DE that can get it done, but having another would place us in a different world...

The DB's can make any fan sweat heavier than a priest at a Cub Scout sleepover...the talent is there, the coaching is not...our biggest issue!


I love you guys...remember the first step to getting better is admitting that you arent any good..."the talent is there?...what is it 5-24 since 2006?

Als4ever, I’ll put the combo of Jesse, Davis, and Caulley up against anything you claim to have in Montreal…

Where the Al’s are actively bidding for Printers, it argues that AC is going to be out for a loonnngg time, especially where the hire both Maass and McMahon, in a huge, cap-challenging salary surge, and Marcau Brady becomes your starting QB…

With Ben Cahoon down with an injury, many of the Cat receivers you revile would be eagerly hired by the Als…

Yes, your team beat the Lions last week, and should be congratulated for the win, but BC put in a very sub-par performance that helped you a lot on your home field, where the zebra’s tend to be the 13th man…you might not want to sign off on anything further like this, if its going to be Wpg vs Argo’s in the Eastern final…

While I believe Jason is the world’s best reliever, as your back up, he’s still going to throw those one hopper lame ducks, and/or be dropping them, just as he did with us…oh I know, it frustrates the hell out of him, and its not intentional, but it does happen, and its got zip to do with the receivers or linemen…

Well if getting hurt counts for anything, Jesse is the best. As for the other two...who are they?

And BTW...with the exeption of Armstead,there isn't one Ticat receiver that could make the Als.

As for Argos vs. Peg, you might be right cause AC is likely out for the year, maybe Brady will step up if he doesnt the als arent going far. Even if he returns or Brady steps up, we are rebuilding this year.

I figure the rest of the way will be dictated by injuries...if Glenn gets hurt the Bombers will struggle, other than BC, no team has depth at QB.

Casey Printers a gamble? Of course he is. All players are gambles. That means you think and hope they'll meet and exceed expectations, but there is always a risk they will under-achieve too. Nothing new in that.