Printers in Rider Land???

I also believe this is why we didn't go after Jason Clermont and instead kept Jason French and Cory Grant. Jason Clermont is too white and he's from Regina. I have nothing against any race, just pick the best football player please Roy!!

did anybody watch the special that CBC did on Roy Shivers ? ? ? ?
that said it all ! ! ! ! !

Yeah when will saskatchewan get with it and fire Roy and Danny. We dun like dem coloured folks around here. I don't think they should even let black people in the cfl. they make me sick, passing up good ball players cause they're not black. Did you know know Shivers hates white people so much he married one of our women. It makes me sick to see them together. You think she could convince her husband to get some good white balls players. But then again she's nothing but a blacky lover. Did you know he only brought in Dennis Gile because he's 1/16th black. Down with blackies!

That pretty much what you guys mean right?

My cat is black :slight_smile:

and he’s an orange cat!

Why don't we all just chip in our 10 dollars to good ole roy to get casey printers. Hey Roy....If you get him, I will pay 10 bucks to the Roughrider organization.

It may sound dumb, but if we get ten thousand people willing to donate ten bucks to printers, that would be a hundred grand......

Any thoughts from the peanut gallery?

I'm's like the 6/49, but with a better shot at winning..... :smiley:

I think that'd be a great idea..... I'll "collect" the money.... :wink:

Send it to monkey..... I send to Shivers....... yeah, that's it.... pass the money on..... :slight_smile:

But seriously, if there was some sort of collection plate type thing, or set up a table in the malls or something, get people to put in their ten bucks, maybe sign something or have some record so there could be recognition for your contribution.... I'm sure you'd get more than just 10,000 people, and you'd probably most likely get more than 10 bucks for the most part.

Who knows how much they could make? If it went to the cause that they're saying it would, I really can't see a downside to it.

I am pretty sure that Clermont is on steroids.
That is a great idea collecting money to bring in a quaterback. Hey maybe we can sign McManus (sarcasm). Printers may try the NFL next season though.

I've heard people say Clermont was on roids in highschool/junior ball all the time. Just one of the rumors floating around here (Regina). Since the cfl doesn't test I bet it would be alarming how many guys are taking them. When playing better means getting paid better in a low paying league...

I dont know if its a matter of affording them , its more like Edm or BC would never deal them to a West rival.. Maas is probably gone to the Cats and Printers will end up in TO where the argos will surely attempt to copy the Eskies and continue to buy Grey Cups :slight_smile:

What is so good about Maas anyways? He is winless in playoff games so far in his career and has only managed a 9-9 season last year with the Esks. Even Greene has more playoff wins than Maas.

Lol comparing Greene with Maas is comical at best....How many 5000 yard seasons has Greene thrown? Maas has more potential in his little pinky than Greene does doing his pathetic muscle flex

You think Maas would have gotten those 5000 yards without guys like Vaughn, Hervey, Mitchell, and Tucker to throw to? NOPE.

Last time I checked you still have to THROW the ball for the recievers to catch it…doesnt matter if the friggen ball boy is out there, its the choices you make as QB and accuracy… something Greene as never learned…BTW didnt Maas set or almost set a consecutive string of pass completions in one game? And no they were NOT short hooks and Wideout screens.

Both our QB's would be walking on water right now and I would be eagerly waiting for a Regina playoff game if those four bums could catch.

Printers is one sack away from working the TSN colour commentary. The guy has to throw on an ice-pack after tripping his snooze alarm. If SK is going to lay down any real $ it has to be on receivers.

You could put Dominguez on a unicycle this year and he would have rocked.

I don't think its Shivers is tight. This is SSK man, and we have a long history of trying to make it happen with fewer resources.



OMG...after you're done burning crosses...please die.

We have unlimited resources, We have huge fan support if you look at the forums Saskatchewan's is one of the most active. The fans in Sask are willing to and give to the Riders just to have that winning season or the chance at the Grey Cup but the Management continues to screw things up, oh and by the way I don't mean spend big money to buy a Grey Cup but at least attemp to get those or retain those players that go to other teams and come back to haunt us.

Not too familiar with sarcasm are we?