Printers in Rider Land???

Would Printers fit into the Rider organization??

Personally I think Casey Printers would fit well into any CFL team at least as far as his capabilities are concerned. Casey Printers seems to have the ability to pass with good precision, and run when the passing game plan falls apart. Which team in the CFL wouldn't want a quarterback with his capabilites. I cannot ever remember the Riders having a quarteback that can pass and run effectively and consistently.

The Riders have a solid offensive line which allows a pocket type passer a lot of time to wait for passing plays to develop which is very well suited to a quarterback who can throw the ball with the precision of a surgeon. I still think this is why Nealon Green did not do so well here this year. Nealon Greene is a scrambiling type quarterback which doesn't have a great passing game but can scramble and run the ball very well when needed. But after seeing Nealon on the sidelines these past few weeks he does seem to be a team player. (eg help getting the crowd pumped up at home games.)

One of the things about the Riders organization that i have noticed over the years is that quarterbacks never seem to do as well with the Riders then they do with other teams. I often wonder how well someone like Doug Flutie, Warren Moon and maybe Damon Allen(quarterbacks who had or still are having stellar careers in the CFL) would have done here with the Riders.

As far as Casey Printers fitting in here with the Riders organization in other aspects like being well respected in the community I cannot say. I dont know the guy so I really cannot base an opinion on assumptions. I can say this that yes I would be a little upset if I was vote the MVP in 2004 and ending up not playing in the most important game of the year and then watching the team lose. Who wouldn't.

Hopefully Casey Printers is happy wherever he ends up in this league.

he obviously fits the team mould
whether the Riders can aford him is anouther question ? ? ? ?
can he play a season whithout beeing injured ? ? ? ?

Nope Printers wouldn't fit into this team from what I have seen from him so far.

Face it guys, neither Printers or Maas will ever play for the Riders. Simply put, the Riders can’t afford them.

Correct me if I am wrong nitehawk but werent the Riders going to give Burris over 300 gs a season? I would give Printers that for sure, and I am sure he would take around 340 grand a year. Whether or not he would want to play here is another story. I think the Riders have money in places they haven't drawn from before. ie SaskPower/Energy.

Ha! Maas? You think Roy Shivers would hire a white QB? Never.

Gee I hope you're not too disappointed if you get him.

Thats what I got from that post as well. I am sure he would fit. The only thing is that he would be the (IMO) best QB we've had since....... well maybe LANCASTER. Picturing an unstoppable QB in SASK would be like a paradox or something. Our best shot at next season would be keeping all the good points of our team. Adding some depth to those positions and making a trade or two to help out our QB situation. I Really dont mind Crandell, I think he could be a great Starter, if given the time. He may need to get the boot though

greenandwhite - you think Printers would take $300K a season to play for the Riders? Don't kid yourself, he turned down a 3year, $1 million contract from the Lions. He wanted $500K a year.

Its funny how performance trumps all things. It was not too long ago that everyone hated printers because of the cell phone incident, now he is heavily wanted again.
Just think its funny.

I've come to the harsh realization that despite having the tallest and fastest receiving core, they can't catch sh*t. Doesn't matter which QB is here until we get receivers. Both Crandell and Greene have been made to look foolish when 80% of the passes are perfectly thrown balls that are dropped and fumbled from guys like French, Richardson and Thurmon. I don't know what happened to these guys but all have dropped key first down yardage passes that were perfectly thrown balls.

Pass after pass we see French drop or fumble, and Thurmon drops his fair share too but has had a few TDs as of late finally after a horrible start. Richardson is ok too but nothing great, don;t remember his last TD. And Bailey well he hasn't dropped many balls because he won't even run his routes properly, which is even sadder. The only receiver we have right now is Travis Moore and hopefully Matt Dominguez if we make the playoffs. Bringing Printers here will just make him look even more foolish as he fails to complete passes as French and Thurmon drop balls to the turf. Until we get a receiver who can haul in a 20 yard pass, we are doomed.

maas would fit your system better but i agree that a white qb in riderville may be unlikely

I think it's the Riders current QBs that can't throw a 20 yard passes. From what I've seen, the ball is always overthrown. Current QBs can throw the short passes. I also agree the receivers do drop alot of passes.

The contract that they were offering Burris was all encentives. He could have made up to 400,000 if he was the MVP which Printers was, if he made it to the Grey Cup, which Printers did, and I think the most yards, which Printers was close to. Burris was not a proven quarterback. He was too inconsistent, throwing too many inteceptions, and fumbling the ball. Printers is a proven quarterback both last year, and from the two games he started this year. Burris was not worth the money they gave him. His TD/INT ratio is not that great this year, and the Stamps won 2 games without him to move them past 500. It don't think that you can really compare the two.
As for receivers not being able to get 20 yard passes, Richardson is really fast, and tall but is not used correctly. It is all about putting them in a position to catch the ball, which they are not

OK - I am going to do a role play here

Roy Shivers: Hello Casey Printers. We will drive truck loads of money to your house if you play in saskatchewan and we will custom make the playbook to match your skills. You will start and we will get recievers that match your style. Deal?

Casey Printers: Sounds good Roy

Next December:

Roy Shivers: You did good Casey, We won the grey cup and you were season MVP and Grey cup MVP. We will continue to drive truck loads of money to your house

Casey Printers: Sounds good Roy

Get the picture

I guess your saying we should offer Casey Printers a s***load of money?
That may work but I bet it wont happen. 10 bucks. I bet Ten Canadian Dollars that Casey Printers will not play for Saskatchewan Roughriders. Any takers? huh? I will only pay one person, but if a bunch of y'all want to get in on this bet let me know. We can make a pool. A pool that everybody bails out on once its time to pay.

I like the idea Tvor, but the real question is would Shivers be willing to drive truckloads of money to Casey Printers' house?

If Shivers was willing to do that, then maybe I could see Printers here. But if he wasn't offering Henry the money he wanted because he wasn't, in Shivers' opinion, a proven QB, would he think that Printers was a proven QB, and therefore worth that kind of money?

Besides, would our myopic idiot of an Offensive Co-ordinator use him properly? I have my doubts.

But if those questions were answered by your role playing, I'm all for it!

Roy Shivers is so tight he squeaks when he walks. Maybe B.C should keep Printers and Saskatchewan should go after Dickenson??

No disrespect to anyone but my Rider buddies were joking about how Shivers only believes in black athletes so it would make sense that he would go after Printers before DD.