Printers in his BC Lion days on tv right now !!!

Casey showing on TV right now, showing what the man can do if he has some time to throw and some recievers who want to work for the man . A game between Montreal and BC in 2005 .

I dont knwo if the team is jealous about the money he makes but I know Geroy Simon worked for him and proabably made his name in the CFL with the success the 2 of them have . Cant the guys we have now see that success and hard work can lead to more $$$$ and alot of success ??

300 yards passing , 4 tds and 96 yards rushing so far !!!

gonna give info like that, you should tell us what stationnetwork?

I am guessing espnclassic canada?

Yes Espn Classic

For the money the guy is making he should be doing that now. It's not so much about his production as it is the money. Williams and Porter have outperformed him, and combined, they still make less than his yearly salary. With that 500K we could get the 2 impact offensive and defensive linemen we so desperately need.

Why is about the money to you ?? Your not paying him are you ?? if he had time to throw and receivers who can catch and get open especially when he breaks containment he would be the Printers of old . I dont care who you or what sport you play if you dont have quality teammates who can do thier job your not going to succeed .

Porter has played exactly one half of football this season and you think he has out performed Printers ?? And if Williams is so good why is the the 3rd stringer now ?? i wish Porter all the success in the world on Saturday night as first and foremost I want the Tiger Cats to win , but we were playing Winn. the other night and this Saturday we`re playing BC . Big difference dont you think ??

As I was watching the ESPN classic game today I noticed that the one thing we dont have that Printers had in BC,  GEROY SIMON !!! We did upgrade our receivers this season and I love P Rod but Tony Miles is a veteran receiver but he`s not Geroy now is he ??  Tony Miles heart is just not in it any more and I think we could of spent the money on a hungrier reciever than him . 

Yes Printers has thrown some Ints and fumbled the ball but he just doesnt have the surrounding cast that he needs to play like he did with BC . The money doesnt matter , that`s what they negotiated and you would of taken the money had they offered it to you !!!!  

We should all get behind Porter on Saturday and hope that he ,Keith and Lumsden can get a win for us and start a winning streak to end the season !!!!

We are paying a guy 500 gs so far for 1 win. He didn't win 1 game for us last year and we have 1 win with him this year, even though it was the Jesse Lumsden show in Toronto. So for 1 million dollars, we get 1 win!

I hate this thing now with the Printers defenders about protection. Porter didn't seem to have any problems. Maybe Casey should work on a quicker release. This same situation happened in Buffalo in 98. Rob Johnson wasn't helping the team win and was taking sacks and a lot of pressure. Doug Flutie comes in with the same oline and takes them to the playoffs.

Winnipeg is a good team that just needed to get thier butts kicked and they have turned the corner. Every team in this league is good except for Toronto. The cats are good and just need to start winning the close ones.

Porter didn't need Simon on Friday! I know, it's 1 half of 1 game but this kid does show some promise. With the same talent as Casey around him, he gets us 15 points to Caseys 8 and we should have only had 1 but becasue Setta faked the punt we drove for a TD.

Casey is not worth the money, period! Next chapter.........