Printers in Bombers' future?

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So, here's the thing about Casey Printers.

He's going to make a million bucks over three years with the Kansas City Chiefs. That is, of course, if he makes it through one, two or three training camps.

He's going to get his shot at playing in the NFL, and he deserves it. His performance in the CFL the last two years reminded many people of a young Steve McNair or Randall Cunningham, and he looked destined for the NFL from the beginning.

But let's just say things don't work out, as was the case for high-end predecessors Ricky Ray, Dave Dickenson and Henry Burris.

A million bucks over three years wouldn't be that much to pay for a player of Printers' calibre, even for a CFL team. And while he will be obligated to return to the Lions if he gets cut by the Chiefs this year, he has about as much chance of sharing the job there with Disgruntled Dave again as I do.

So come August or September when NFL teams start cutting their rosters, here's hoping the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are ready to knock some socks off.

A trade for the rights and a million bucks might just be what it takes to get them back to the Grey Cup.

I don't see it happening, sure the Bombers will be back in the GC and winning it with a good team (and to get that, you need some bling bling) but it will likly be with KJ or Wynn as QB, not Printers.

Maybe the Riders could sign him, maybe. If not them, definably TO.

So wheres Winnipeg find a million bucks???

bake sale?

or maybe the major and the citzens will help out.

and why Winnipeg?

Not sure why it would the Peg…but me thinks it will depend on how are cast of QB’s perform this year…
If they struggle, finding the money will be the easy part…'s written by a winnipeg journalist, wishful thinking, simply coming up with cool mil is not all that easy, especially with community owned team..........

I think you are all right. It was written by a Winnipeg journalist with a sweet tooth who wants to buy some cake and cookies from the bake sale trying to raise money to sign Printers! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I was hoping that somebody would get a laugh at that! :lol:

but seriously, if every citizen in Winnipeg gave $1, you would have $700,000, then fans outside Winnipeg and the city and province government can make up the rest to get a good team going, but w/o printers, we don't need him.

.......but seriously, that's an idea my eight year old niece might come up with.......I appreciate your eagerness but that's pretty you really think 100% of the population of Manitoba really care about the BBs?.......100%?!?........not even close, and that's not a slight against the BBs in any way, it the same for any sports team, from sea to shining sea.......why do you think the Jets left?.........100% of Manitobans, government included, might, maybe, pay 1 buck each to support the ballet if it was floundering and in dire need of a Primadonna........but not a sports team......for a stuck up QB.......

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Red,,,no mater what the people in Man. WANTED....the Jets were going to be moved because of a certain NHL. commissioner...I won't even mention his name cuz I can't stand the guy.......they wanted to relocate a team in the states and make a big splash...hasn't quite worked out the way they figured....haw far as Casey goes....when he chucks the clipboard and comes back to the Ray...his services will be sought by a few clubs....Wpg....only being one of them....wishful thinking on the local medias part ...agreed.. :arrow:

........papa, I couldn't go off just memory, so I got my info off this website:

[url=][/url]'s a pretty good read, a very fact based account of the history of the Jets by a fan..........I couldv'e missed it, but I don't see Bettman's name in there, more like this Barry Shenkarow character was the villian........but the point still remains, money is king and when push came to shove the $110 million to save the Jets couldn't be reached.......sad day IMO, the NHL was better league with the Jets in it than the Coyotes........

...'.a bridge too far' is what the NHL had given the Jets order for them to survive as I remeber they would have had to have had federal govt. funding for a new arena...and that wasn't gonna happen...and I'm glad it didn't....Shenkarow didn't help for sure...and too many other hoops... :roll:

.......all too often it appears that once these things are set in motion there is very little anyone can do to stop the son has a NHL Certified Jets Puck in his trophy case as a reminder to never take anything for granted, anything, 'cause one day it might be gone.......although the chances are slim, I'd love to see the Jets return, even if they did historically OWN the Flames.......

Maybe once they get rid of Bettman, those "hockey hotbeds :roll: " will return to where they belong...Winnipeg, Quebec City.

Bettman has really trashed the NHL, it's time for him to go.

and that Jet memorial page is a great site, read it a few years ago.

...Kanga are you trying to get me emotionally upset....with that logo and a lot of great memories....oh well goes on...and maybe they will return one day....who knows... you can edit Shenkarow ... and put Winnipeg where it belongs Kanga... 8)

Dare to dream paps..Dare to dream...GO..JETS..GO..

the team's name was that up to the move! :wink: I didn't mean to upset you Papa, cuz god knows I want the Jets back as much as the next Jets fan does.

when they do come back, they will likly have a new logo like this, but I like the 1991-1996 the Best one. no doubt. and always will be.