Printers in Blue & Gold

If he becomes available they would be nuts not to go after him!!

I agree... Wouldnt have said this if Glenn didnt get injured though. We need a QB pretty bad right now.

problem is, if Printers shows up, he would be the starter, where does that leave Glenn? off to TO?

That would leave Glenn on the DL? Lol he is gone for 4-6 weeks apparently. Its Glenns job to lose and Printers would start and if he tears it up while Glenn is injured well than he might be the starter for the rest of the season but if he plays just decent well its back to Glenn :slight_smile: who was having a terrific season until getting hurt. It would be Glenns job to lose from then on out...

It's a huge longshot at best of course and I don't think Glenn would be happy as a backup so Toronto would be a likely destination.

I could be wrong... but doesn't BC hold his option if he returns to the CFL??? :?

did u guys forget that printers is in the nfl right now?...and is actually getting playing time in the preseason with the cheifs?

dont expect him to be around the cfl for a while.

.....Printers is getting paid some pretty good coin in the nfl right now... IF he gets cut and no other nfl interest is shown ..he could afford to sit.. till he is a free agent ...then watch the fun begin to try and gain his services.....this might cost a team ...who won the bidding war A LOT OF MONEY...He's a great much is he worth.. i will add ... especially in the Bombers become an instant contender BIGTIME.....goBigBlue..lets see... :rockin: Printers to Stegall...Brazell between give it to Charlie....oh i like that very much......certainly a dream for now..... :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

First off Printers is not coming back , but if he did , he's THE STARTER PERIOD on whatever team that signs him . He's gonna take a back seat to Glenn ??? Right.


or... if we like glenn so much, we could even trade printers for more talent in other areas. But i dont think the fans would be happy considering how good the bombers were doing with Gleen startinh qb.

If Printers does come back this year, BC still holds his rights until the end of the season. And I think he'd only be getting paid something like $60,000 on his current contract, which isn't in his best interest. He'll end up somewhere in the NFL this season for certain. But, if he say does come back to the CFL next season, he'll likely demand a $500,000 salary, which will be difficult for most teams to fit in considering the salary cap.
As of now, I'd say the Bluebombers are shit out of luck at getting a legitamate back up qb until glenn is healthy. Khari hasn't played all year, and would be out of shape. Crandell hasn't played much, and he isn't much better than Quinn, IMO. McManus threw some INTs during his brief playing time.
The only somewhat promising option I could see is picking up an NFL cut.

i have an idea, why dont u go to the edmonton forum, and talk about how much the eskies suck instead of coming here when all you have to say is bad stuff about the bombers.

...AND WHILE YOUR AT IT ESKS better tell the Esks. to find a back-up qb. themselves.......cuz if Ricky goes down....i would say 'that's all she wrote' for the eskimos ...for certain.... :lol: :lol:

You're right, Crandell isn't much better than Quinn at all. Crandell just won 5 games in a row with the Riders last year and put up some pretty decent numbers. While Quinn crapped the bed and threw 4 picks in one game or something...get your crap straight.