Printers grip

My dad and I have noticed, in watching the last two games specifically, that when Casey Printers holds the ball he has his right index finger right on the point of the football. This is the first time I've ever seen anyone hold a football like that. I think it has a lot to do with why a lot of his throws take a nosedive into the turf. He needs to get that fixed right away.

His problem is that he is on his ass all game.

The line is bad, but that's not why his throws take are constantly bouncing off the turf.

In my opinion, it looks like he's lost some grip strength from the thumb injury.

Why do we keep running straight drop back protection? Why not run the option or roll Printers out of the pocket. Casey is not a straight drop back QB.. We have to start putting our players in situations they can make plays...

Also, we have to get the ball in Lumsdens hands 20-25 times a game. Is he injured?

Pretty sure that doesn't need to be asked.

But that would take some imagination and creativity my singing friend....and thats something the coaches on this team just dont have.

Well I rememba! I rememba dont worry worry worry

Casey was just plain poor this afternoon...

Printer's has a hurt thumb and can't throw more then 20 yards. Defenses know that and blanket the 20 yard area with defenders.

Therefore Casey's first and second looks are covered which makes him hold the ball too long and get sacked or makes tough throws to a small area that usually end up in the tuff or INT.

If he can't play 100% or throw more then 20 years, then he shouldn't be playing. He restricts the offensive play calling by playing. As you can see once Williams was in, the play book suddenly opened up with more longer passes.

dear presidents choice 45, i've heard it all now. its great that you and your pops think you've got #1's problems figured out with his grip and all but let me just mention that 2 of the greatest qbs in league history damon allen and danny both did the same thing-its got absolutely nothing to do with it. what you should've done with that piece of advice was go down on the field for the autograph session and tell mr printers yourself,oh but that would mean actually confronting a professional quarterback and telling him that you, and your pops, fans- have the answer to his "throwing the ball into the turf".
i thought so-just watch the game. nonsense.

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Printers was 7 for 15 passing, a 46.6% completion percentage.

Williams went 2 for 6, a 33.3% completion percentage.

So things didn't improve at all with the QB change.

Problem wasn't the QBing, it was a sieve of an offensive line coupled with a Bellefeuille offensive package which was, as usual, offensive. The non-use of Jesse Lumsden is inexcusable.

After 2 years in the NFL where they have assistant coaches to watch over every little thing including how players hold their 'thingies' when they go to the can, if CP had a problem with his mechanics, it would've been pointed out to him. He has other problems--the guys around him, his coaches and his own limitations which are becoming more evident loss after loss.

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It's not that rare of a grip.For example that's the way Terry Bradshaw held the ball.

Problems in this order

1-Oline fundamentals= no Pr linesmen can be that bad. Bad position coaching

2-Inexperienced receivers= They aren't getting open

3-Bellefeuille offense= Montreal went from averaging 18 points a game with Bellefeuille to 32 points a game with Trestman/Milanovich with the same players...

4-Confidence problems=Mounting losses...

The whole roster was poor, not just Printers.

Another thing that I don't remember seeing is a team get beat as badly as the Ticats at the half while winning the time of posession...

I actually throw the ball like that too.

I learned proper grip technique from the Huskies head coach. That's what he taught me.