Printers Fires Agent, Calls Buono

Report: Printers fires long-time agent; contacts Lions Staff
5/4/2009 1:41:09 PM

It appears Casey Printers will be taking a more active role to finding his way back to the CFL.

According to CKNW Radio in Vancouver, Printers has fired his long time agent and uncle Jason Medlock and says he will be negotiating his own contracts from now on.

The report indicates Printers called B.C. Lions head coach and general manager Wally Buono last week but Buono told the former Most Outstanding Player he was happy with the current duo of Buck Pierce and Jarious Jackson.

Printers played three seasons with the Lions from 2003-05 before leaving for the NFL. He returned to the CFL with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 2007 amid much fanfare but struggled through two seasons before being released at the end of last season.

The Texas native attended a Winnipeg Blue Bombers free agent camp in Florida last month but no offer was made by the club.

My comment on this is the same as when I introduced Casey Printers Inc. to this forum, a couple of weeks ago:

His love affair continues.......

The thing with Casey is that he's so athletic. Even last year... he made some great scrambles. But that's all he can do. Someone is going to take a change on him for the right price. It's a shame because I feel that the CFL does not need Casey Printers. Someone is going to sign him as a backup... the starter will have a so-so performance and Casey will start to rock the boat and make noise about the fact that he should start... and the drama will start and the L's will pile up.


I think a solid team will have an injury and take a chance on him, he'll show that he didn't forget how to play football and if given a chance with some receivers that can catch and a line that knows what a pocket it... will surprise the league show he can still play.

Then there's the locker room.

If you watch Printers it's alomost like he's not even a QB. Like he doesn't WANT to throw the ball. He plays just like Mike Vick... pump fake, pump fake, run!

When he was with BC I couldn't stand him, when he came to Hamilton I jumped on his bandwagon and gave him the benifit of the doubt now I'm back to seeing how junk he is.

I have to go along with this! And as far as the locker room is concerned...perhaps his "perceived attitude" will improve with a new start. I wish him well, just not when playing the Ticats. :wink:

Smartest move Casey has made in a long time. Medlock is a gnat. He did get Casey a great deal here though.

Sorry but disagree again, the QB you are describing is Richie Williams. Casey pump faked and ran because he was getting killed, or nobody was open., If Anything we tried to force him to be a pocket QB with Charlie Taaffe’s O, and that didnt work either.

Actually the good deal Printers got was only so high because the Cats just blindly offered him a lot right at the end of negotiations. When Printers was on his way to Montreal Medlock had only gotten 200K on a 1 year contract. Hamilton offered 380K plus bonuses simply to make the offer irresistible.

What i'm saying is that Printers contract was so big because of how much Hamilton wanted him. Not so much because of anything his agent did.

Let’s see. Charlie Taafe Winning percentage as a HC (includes Montreal) .353 Marcel Bellefeuille .200. Don’t feel like calculating but I’m pretty sure Printer’s had a 10 game winning streak in BC. More then the total combined wins of those two “great” coach. Not saying Printer’s dosen’t have some blame but it seems a little unfair to me that the two coach got and are getting second chances but people feel Printers should be bannished from the CFL. Don’t wish harm on to someone. He may or not get another chance but the CFL is a more enternaining league with a productive Printers. Weird how re-routing your flight can change a whole life…

Good point. I agree. I hope it works out for CP and he has a good CFL career ahead of him.... just not when he plays us.

"change your life"?
Unless it was Printers dream to be on a team with great regular seasons but gag in the championship game I dont think he'd mind much not ending up in MTL .
What would be his future there anyway? A very expensive backup as Popp seems ready to cross fingers and ride Calvillo for yet another year has gone on the record how very little he thinks of Printers as QB.

Good point. I stand behind my initial assessment of Medlock. That guy is pond scum. I think being cut by the last place team might be a good thing for Casey. I had no issue with his attitude while he was here and I wish him the best of luck. It's hard to succeed when you have nobody around you.

There is no telling how it could have turned out and I am not suggesting it would have turned out any better for him. But as Printers looks back, human nature is to look at the decision's he took, certainly it was a much bigger challenge to come in to Hamilton with the responsibilty of turning a franchise around vs being a backup in MTL. Looks like all the decisions he made have just been catastrophic, from turning down Buono's 450k contract and the list goes on from there. The Chickenshiat comments, Reneging on his deal in Montreal, so right there BC, Hamilton and Montreal are no go. Calgary and Edmonton are set, Winnipeg didn't offer him anything which damages him even further. He is in a tough, tough position. Where he will have to demonstrate his will and love of the game by taking a min. wage job as a #3 and go from there and even that will be difficult to convince a GM, other situation is to come in for an injured team but then again, he won't know the playbook and another failure would end his carreer if it isn't already done.

Here is Video From Hard Knocks from 2007 Where Case gets Cut by KC

[url=]http://theblackandgoldreport1.blogspot. ... fs-to.html[/url]

Best way to fix a problem in the locker room is to win a bunch of games. If he catches on somewhere and they win and he plays great they will rave about his attitude and how much he has matured. Winning fixes a lot of that stuff.

Was Casey bad news in the dressing room like some say, why didn't the team were Casey was heading originally take him once Ham let him go. Teams know you can blow a season on Casey.

I have never like Williams as a QB. At no point did I ever want him as our starter. I just didn't see a great player in him... but for all I know he might be the next Doug Flutie - lol - because I DID think Timmy Chang could have been awesome! oops.

At the time, the Als QB situation was up in the air, Calvillo was having a so so year,he had a bad shoulder and bad protection. He was also dealing with some negative stuff in his personal life. One year later, AC is MOP, he has the besyt Oline and receiving corp in the league, an up and coming superstar RB and a head coach whose system fits ACs strengths and weaknesses.

Amazing what a difference a year can make.

If CP wants to come to Montreal, thats fine with me. I know he wasn't very good as a Ticat, but even then, two or three times a game I saw him do things that no other QB in the league could do, not A.C., not Joseph nor Burris.....If he wan'ts to wait in line while AC decides if he wants to take a run at Damon Allen...great, but he will have to battle it out with Santos Leak and McPherson. My money is on McPherson.

I think Casey Printers with Montreal would be a dangerous combo. I don't think AC will play much longer. Not because he can't but because he is getting up in age and everyone retires eventually. Making a run at Allen is unrealistic because he will never play as long as Damon. Damon Allen, athletically was a rare breed to be able to play into his forties.

I think a mature organization like the Als would do Casey a world of good. Casey has a lot of talent but he wasn't prepared to come into what was, at the time, a train wreck. His own expectations were unrealistic and the organizations expectations of him were unrealistic.

I would love to see him get another shot because I am a fan of Printers. At his best, he is the most exciting QB I've seen in a long long time. I hope he gets a shot before his athletic ability begins to decline.