Printers final NFL workout done!!

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B.C. Lion quarterback and 2004 CFL MVP Casey Printers was in Buffalo yesterday, for what was likely his final NFL workout.
After showing his stuff to the Bills yesterday it will be decision time for Printers. Starting on Monday NFL teams can begin to make Printers an offer.

Jason Medlock, the agent for Printers told MOJO Sports Radio that three clubs have expressed interest in Casey. Detroit, Miami and Kansas City have all shown a keen interest in Printers.

Medlock and Printers will wait until mid-January to decide whether to return to the CFL or possibly take a shot at the NFL.

IF Casey makes the jump to the NFL, I hope he gets signed by Detroit cuz they need to get their act togerther and win the Super Bowl. They are the oldest NFL team that hasn't won it, it's about time they did.

Hope he is in the CFL next year. Lets see if his MVP year was a fluke or not. But at least lets get the opportunity to see him play in our stadiums. BC is willing to make him the starter at 400 thou and he wont be a starter in the NFL his first year no matter who signs him and he will only make the league minimum of 250 thou in NFL plus signing bonus and incentives. So with everything said he will make about the same money, he has to decide whether he wants to hold a clip board and shoot for his NFL dream or be a starter/star in the CFL. It was the same decision that Burris, Dickenson and Ray have had to make in recent years. Eventually they get tired of holding the clip board or being on the practice roster.

Not quite finished. Radio said he was working out with Indianapolis today, although he won’t be taking Mannings spot away for the next 6 or 7 years.

This must be tough especially now that top CFL qb's are getting in the $400,000 range. But he can always go down for a year or two and see what happens like the others have done and come back here. I'm sure this is what he will do if he gets a decent offer.