Printers extends with Lions

Printers extends with Lions

By L. Ullrich Sun, Mar 7 2010

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Unemployed and unsure of his future at the start of the 2009 season after being released in the winter by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats,

Printers returned to the Lions a different player.

Coach/GM Wally Buono also saw the difference and had no trouble

stating after the season [that] he wanted to
go forward with Printers as his long-term starter.

I am glad he won't be in Toronto or Winnipeg. It's better for us that he's is out West. [url=] ... lions.aspx[/url]

And, now he claims he has CHANGED from what, until now, he has alway professed he NEVER WAS!

[url=] ... 66-cp.html[/url]


I would like hear from posters who said that Casey
doesn't have what it takes when he was with the Cats.

Let us know how you feel he will do this season with B.C.

Printers now deserves the same chance in training camp to prove himself as does Lumsden in Edmonton.

Time is up. Here is what some guy named Wally thought.

Wally was watching all along as Casey struggled here

and Casey was calling him for advice and support

he expected Printers to still have the physical skills

when he returned last September, but he wanted to see
how he would react emotionally and lead the team.

"Without much play, without much practice,
I thought he handled it pretty well,"

"He was way, way further along than I thought
and we put him in a tough, tough position."

By the way, Wally, if you didn't know, is Wally Buono,
Head Coach and General Manager of the B.C. Lions.

Regarding Casey's future

“If he does what we all expect, we expect him to be our starter for years to come,?

said head coach and general manager Wally Buono,

who has five quarterbacks under contract.

Here are his last years' stats in his 7 game audition last year.

Printers, who can scramble out of trouble, led B.C. signal-callers last season
with a 99.3 passing efficiency rating, completing 63.2 per cent of 68 throws

for 686 yards and three touchdowns with two interceptions.

“He showed us he can still excite the locker-room, excite
the organization and excite our fans,? Buono said.

Source:Printers all about team after signing extension


ronfromtigertown wrote: "By the way, Wally, if you didn't know, is Wally Buono,
Head Coach and General Manager of the B.C. Lions."

ron: You just said a whole lot right there.
That is big difference from who Printers and the rest of the team at that time had as a head coach in Hamilton.
But let's not re-visit that! :wink:

Who really cares about Printers, we paid him way to much “not his fault” but when he came back to the Hammer and played in the playoff game, he showed total DISRESPECT to the fans and his formal team!

I was one of his biggest supporters when he was here. I kept thinking "just one more game and he'll get it back".

I hoped so hard that Casey would be the player that he was in B.C. for the Cats. I was really disappointed with his performance.

Printers may have had what it takes from a physical standpoint but he didn't have it from a mental standpoint during his time in Hamilton. He certainly had no help from his O-line or his receivers but his attitude certainly didn't help his own cause.

I do think he will be successful again in B.C. that much talent cannot go to waste.

Good news for the Lions. I'm glad that CP got things back together. I was as disappointed as anyone that we didn't get that same Printers but I don't understand the grudge people have against him. We have a great team and a fine quarterback so I don't see the need for the Printers-hating that goes on here.

I love watching him play. It's definitely never boring with him in the game. The Lions will be stronger on offense this year with him at the helm.

Like The Mighty Casey and the Lummer hasn't had many many chances to prove themselves. :roll:

I disagree, there’s lots of people in the know who would tell you he had problems physically as well. They’d tell you he wasnt in as good shape as he could have been in which lead to injuries that would not have happened if he was better conditioned.

Casey's enthusiasm was outstanding when he came from the NFL in mid-season
and it was the same right through the first few games of the next season.

Most of his receiving corp just wasn't CFL-ready, they couldn't get in sync with him
and his Offensive line often broke down too early and did a poor job of pass blocking.

He lost his confidence, then Quinton Porter played well when he was injured,

so, like a spoiled boy who previously had always had everything go his way,

it seemed to me from the joking around that he did on the sidelines at practice
that he didn't want to get back in to re-capture his starting QB job from Quinton.

He wanted to ride the season out and get out of here. He gave up on the team.

I am pretty sure he didn't even think it out that he would have to prove
he deserved the big contract that he signed when he came to Hamilton.

No other team was going to take it on if after failing so miserably here.


Drexl, I got the feeling Casey wasn't really keen on preparing his body physically, too.

He seemed to have a lack of flexibility in his hips and legs
when I watched him doing warm up stretches at practice.

I don't think he has what it takes as soon as it starts to go a little rough in Vancouver the real Casey will come forward. Wally is just putting a nice spin on things to keep people happy. And if Casey was in contact with Wally when he was with the Ti Cats that just shows what a clown he is, you wait to the season is over to be buddy buddy with the opposing coach :thdn:

Water under the bridge. Too many people hold too many grudges. Sheesh

I think it is safe to say Casey Printers did not come to Hamilton and intentionally under-perform. Too many people take too many things personally. Printers is an asset to the league when performing at his potential and I look forward to seeing him at IWS play well and take his loss like a professional. It would be even better to have a playoff rematch in Edmonton in November, but that's just my off-season dreams of grandeur talking.

Care to elaborate, when i was at the game, i felt like i saw a Proffessional QB for the BC Lions, not some ex-Ti-Cat QB, that didnt perform here. To me, i see that as a large positive in regards of going out to the feild and focusing on what is infront of you... not what happened last year or who you know on the opposing team

firstly, how can Wally be putting a nice spin on stuff when Casey proved himself as someone who could still play the game for BC. On field proves more than off.

Lastly, someone mentioned how Casey should not be chumy to other players/coaches during the season... i would have o disagree. When you play football in a small league, and you know people on other teams (expecially players you played with) you are bound to talk to them during the season. My policy on this topic is the simple idea that "your friends off the field, and your enemies off of it."

If there's anybody that can put Casey back together again Wally's your man.

I didn't see any disrespect from Printers. He danced in the endzone after a touchdown, so what? It's the playoffs. Our team danced IN A BOAT in Winnipeg, twice after touchdowns and everyone (myself included) thought it was great. If we can dish it out we should be able to take it.

You should check the Spectator archives. The media repeatedly tried to draw Casey into a war of words but he refused. Every time, he said it wasn't about him against the city and that the organization and fans treated him great when he was here. He just came to play a football game. Though, I don't doubt that he savoured getting the last laugh. Hopefully, we get the last laugh in November this year.

Lions vs Ti-Cats in the Grey Cup :rockin: .

Wally didn't want a thing to do with this guy until he was pretty near down to his last quarterback and I don't recall seeing him in the Grey Cup and he didn't do very well in his last playoff game either so before you all declare him the next Joe Montana lets just wait and see what he does this year. I for one am glad he's gone. Dealing with a fragile personality like Casey Printers, Wally has to choose his word wisely therefore he puts a nice spin on things.