Printers Ego!!!

Am I the only one who is a tad bit worried about Printers ego????
Nothing wrong with being confident but lashing out at KC Chiefs Teammates, all the " a wise man once said too buy overpriced popcorn ....bla bla bla...."
and I want to be the best QB in the world is a bit
I have a gut feeling this guy is not going to like the fans in the hammer after a few games!!!!!!

Your thoughts...

Yeah only in the CFL could an athlete get away with such brazen cockiness. I can't wait to see what happens.

well I have to agree that the man is cocky, but lets see what he has to say after a few games

shouldnt every player come out wanting to be the best?

would this sound better:

'i just want to be a decent QB, and hopefuly win a few games, and if im lucky, make the playoffs one year'


but thats not strong enough. that shows a weak spot

I like his attitude, he wants to win...should be a fun second half for the Ti-Cats.

''hopefully win a few games, and if i am lucky, make the playoffs one year'' ?

wouldnt this sound better....

'' i wanna go out there and be the best and bring this city a championship'' ?

What did the wiseman popcorn thing have to do with the Chiefs???

i'd rather have that attitude than the "i'm not the best but i try real hard" attitude....

The "wise man" thing was kinda funny.....what wise man was he talking about??? lol ( in his PR videos )
" go out and buy your popcorn and chips/ salsa ...bla bla.....and get ready for some football bla bla....." It went no place fast lol

As for the Chiefs....well from what I've heard / read he had issues getting along with team mates and they prob cut him for good reason.

Kinda hard to be the Greatest QB in the world right after you just got cut from a mediocre NFL teams practice squad!!!! don't ya think???????

Maybe its just me but didn't we see this hype ( albeit a lot less of it ) when Maas came to town??????

selling over-priced popcorn should appeal to this quest to maximize profits .

it was embarrassing to watch him talk. seriously i have never seen a worse interview from a teams quaterback. he sounded ignorant and didnt make any sense.
" i want to be the best qb in the country, not just this country but other countires."

wow then he wants to win more championships and then win some more. lol
give me a break. look i want him to be great....hopefully he will but lets all agree that public speaking might not be his strong point.

He said he wanted to win championships, and then more championships...I'd like to see him do that here. I have no problem with that attitude.

He came out with some bravado and swagger. Just what this team needs. He recognizes that the Cats need someone to stand up and say I am the saviour. I like it alot. I just hope that he can deliver, for his sake. But I think he can. I don't beleive the Cats are anywhere near as bad as they look. I think bad calls from the OC and DC and weak QBing has hurt this team. I think what Richie Williams did yesterday is a small hint of what's to come. I hope Printers and Moreno start ignoring the ridiculous calls from the OC and DC's and start making the calls themselves. Then you'll see things happen.

he was also humble in the post game interview, as well as cocky … a qb needs that mix

he said he saw some stuff and was going to talk to the coach, but thought he better not as he’d only been here a couple of days …but he did talk to timmy, and richie, and the receivers … good to get to know each other

he also said he figures he can beat the argos, after watching this game …

good confidence, and he liked the fight in the team when down by 30 … and said it’s now his responsibility to get the job done on offence

he’ll get his chance…

When You get to Meet Casey he is great to talk too
I met him on Friday and He got great Swagger to Him.

By the way The Great man he was Talking about
It Was TO
TO almost maded the Same speech when HE signed with Dallas two seasons ago

His "ego" is the scary part of this whole deal. Buono wanted no part of him in BC and talk of problems in KC and wanting to come to the CFL and be the highest paid player and for what....what has Printers really done...yes the MVP 1/2 season but yet not good enough to strt the Grey Cup or make starter the next year and then cut from the Chiefs (did you look up their 3 qb's - not very impressive).....
He could very well be a cancer in the room (what happens when he starts picking himself off the turf play after play for the next few weeks (and anyone thinking that won't happen is watching a different team) ... does he start pointing out guys or shows leadership...
Maybe they is more for show but if his ego is not checked at the door we will have several more years of frustration..
I am hoping I am wron and if I am I will be the first on here to admit it but until then very skeptical of this move for the price we paid

wait til he gets frustrated in our porous offence and wants to call his owm plays. stay tuned.
but i like the fact casey wants to win.

A cocky QB. Go figure eh? Short of being a dog killer, as long as he wins, do you really care?

An Argo-Cat fan