Printers DONE with the LIONS

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It appears that B.C. quarterback Casey Printers’ days with the Lions are done after this season.

Printer’s agent Jason Medlock spoke to MOJO Radio 730 in Vancouver Wednesday and reiterated that his client won’t be returning to the Lions for the 2006 season.

“It’s not about what Casey thinks, the writing’s on the wall,” said Medlock. “He’s not going to sit behind Dave Dickenson, who is a great quarterback, and lose two years. Why would he?”

Printers was cleared to practice with the team on Monday but didn’t feel well enough to participate. Hobbled in training camp by off-season toe surgery, Printers then experienced problems with the rotator cuff on his throwing shoulder during training camp.

“It’s baffling to him because he doesn’t know who cleared him,” Medlock said. “He didn’t have any conversation with the doctor on it or anything like that so we’re kind of confused as to what’s going on here. I can tell you one thing; he is ready and willing to get up there and play but he doesn’t want to hurt the team with less velocity on his balls. He cannot get full extension because of the pain that he’s experiencing in his shoulder.”

“Nobody’s told him anything and he’s out there rehabbing like he does every day. He was approached by the media (and they told) him he’s cleared to play. Wouldn’t you think the player would know if he’s cleared to play or not?”

The 2005 MVP started in just one game this season, against the Edmonton Eskimos in Week 7, after Dickenson pulled out with back spasms during warmups.

“Hopefully (Printers) can get his shoulder right and hopefully he’ll be traded. Or, hopefully he’ll have a shot at the NFL but definitely not in B.C.,” said Medlock. “We feel like Dave is the guy there.”

Printers’ frustration has hit a boiling point and according to Medlock, it all began during last year’s Grey Cup when head coach Wally Buono opted to start Dickenson ahead of the league’s most outstanding player.

“I think it’s been a disappointing season for him. I think the Grey Cup was just a bonehead decision,” Medlock told the radio station. "But the Grey Cup is over and he’s moved on and we proved in the off-season that we still want to be here despite making it blatantly known that you’re not the guy.

“One of the things that’s ironic is that when you look at some of the comments that Buono made, he said he didn’t play Casey in the Grey Cup because he wasn’t at 100%. Now, Casey’s not 100% but he’s cleared to play. Does that sound right to you?”

Last year, Printers dazzled the league throwing for 5088 yards with 35 touchdowns and only ten interceptions. He was also second on the team with 469 rushing yards and led the team with nine rushing touchdowns.

I just finished reading the article too. BC made him a good offer @ 3yrs, $1million and he refused because he wanted $1.5 million. Well, looks like the Lions got the better end of the deal with Printers declining the $1 million with Printers being not at 100% this season.

I really don't know if it is Printers or his agent (uncle) talking but it's starting to sound like Printers is a whiny little baby. The guy is a quality player. If his days are done in BC, well there's another guy named Buck Pierce ready to step in. Buono seems to find quality QBs so I don't think it will be an issue.

Dont let the door hit you on your way out...

not gonna hurt my lions...

thank gawd for Buck Pierce!

Printers and his agent are beginning to remind me of Eric Lindros and his daddy.

Printers and his agent, who is also his uncle, are a joke and I don't mind one bit that he'll be gone. He's way too cocky for his own good, and too much of a headcase to deal with day in and day out.

Okay.......Who wants him? Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton?

I think the Lions would trade his rights to an Eastern Team. The 3 above mentioned would probably be in need of a Starting QB soon. (Damon and Danny can't play forever)

Just for the fun of it. What would you offer for Printers?

how bout nothing and pick him up as a free agent

Sask should pick him up. They could win a cup with a QB of his calibre.

ugh, this agent has a divine way of making his client look like such a huge Jerk! I prefer the CFL to NFL because of the arrogant, celebrity sports figures attitudes like this that are prevelant in the NFL! I now officially hate Printers and this loser agent. If he actually has the talent for the NFL, thats fine, I wont stop him and personally dont even care, but IM so sick of megalomaniacal agents like Jason Medlock saying "my client can go to the NFL...neah neah neah neah neah!" if printers wants to leave BC for whatever reason, he certainly has the right to do so just as anyone does after their contract is up...FINE, go to hamilton, winnipeg, or Toronto (that would be a good fit)...hell go the the NFL if you actually think you can, But at least try to salvage a tiny thread of class while you're doing your selfish manouvering. playing it out like this in the media, with this attitude, is exactly what is wrong with big league sports, we are trying to get away from this in the CFL and dont need this loser's primping and posturing. He must have no Idea what Canadians think of this type of aggressive talk...not that he cares anyway...loser...

Ok, I'll bite.

Frankly I would be leery of dealing with a QB that considers himself bigger than the team.

We'll give you Greene, Gainer, two cheerleaders, and Turkeybend for Printers.

Come on jm02 gie them a serious offer. ALl of our cheer leaders plus nealon + Leonard + Charles Thomas

I’d trade Printers to Toronto for their fireworks that go off through the field goal uprights!

I had to come out of hidding when this story came out. An open plee to Printers. I love arrogant players! Please come to Hamilton! Oh man, If they are waiting until the end of the season to trade him, it's going to be the longest 3 months ever. I will forgive Lancaster, Marshall and Young for everything that happened this year if we get Printers. All of you will think I'm crazy, and I don't blame you. But try going 0-8 to start the season and we'll see how sane you are.

Can any of you honestly say you wouldn't be a little choked if your outstanding play got you the grey cup and then you got pulled for a guy who had hardly taken a snap all season. That would be like the Riders pulling Burris for Greene had we actually made it to the GC and Greene been deemed healthy. Admit it.... you would be pissed too. Burris was when he found out that after a fantastic second half to the season he was still going to have to fight for his starting job with the Riders.... and frankly he had every right to be.

Go Riders!!

P.S. We'll take him.

If Burris wasn't man enough to fight for the starting position than he obviously didn't feel like he was good enough to beat out Greene. Burris was offered more money than Greene, so that tells you what they thought about Burris. I would take Printerts on team Green any day because he is pissed off about the fact that he is not playing, and why not. He was MVP. If you didn't want him than trade him to a team that needs a quarterback like Hamilton so at least he can play. Look what benching him did last year. They didn't win the cup with Dickensin in did they.

I think Casey will try the NFL…HE WON’T MAKE IT …and then return to the CFL…where he will pick the best contender to sign on with…his agent uncle will gouge some team for his services…some team except the Bombers who he won’t deal with…you see Medlock is also the agent for one of our top O lineman of last year…BoBo…they got into a scrap with Taman over his contract and they were told politely to go to hell…the Bombers haven’t heard from either one of them since… and likely never will…good luck Casey… :wink:

Am I missing something? Is he not under contract with BC for 2 more years?
If so he cannot just deside to go to the NFL.

You did miss something. His contract expires this season.

Shivers can not afford him!