Printers done for the season

well i am not surprized TBH
8) TSN is reporting today that according to the Vancouver Province, Lion QB, Casey Printers is likely done for the rest
 of this season !!

 MRI results released today, show that Printers has a torn meniscus, and a partially torn ACL !!!

Talk about a hard luck guy.   Unbelievable !!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Not entirely unexpected, but sorry to hear that. I hate to see anyone hurt like that. Not fun

That's a shame. Like him or not, when he "had game" he is fun to watch.

Well, that’s it… my day is shot. :lol:

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Welcome to our world BC.

Sad news. I hate to see guys go out with injuries.

An Argo-Cat fan

He hasn't had "game" since 2004.

I spoke to casey and He said this is news to him..

Pretty sure he "had game" in the playoff game against us last year. :frowning:

Unfortunate for him, all the best.

But Lulay I think will be a decent qb.

8) You sure got that right, 'Matelot" !!
 Some folks on here have short memories.  <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

You shouldn't rely on "Web Staff" from Rogers Sportsnet for your CFL news. Printers was doing deep knee bends at practice today and will suit up for Friday's game.

Casey told me he is fine..

Told me not to believe everything you hear! Either way he will still be out for a few games if not the year!
But truly what else is he going to say! All althelics say that! "Im getting better or its not as bad as they thought"
I hope he gets better for Nov 6th, so we can sack him a few times! :lol:
At least this injury looks lageit!

If he's going 3rd string it appears to be quite serious. I am guessing the Lions may be having trouble finding somebody suitable to sign as a 3rd string replacement and that waiting a week might be an administrative decision

The Same thing he told me Bruce.. He said he fine..

He dressing as a 3rd line QB~ Ive read things on the BC website fourm and they say the same we used to say about Casey! And ill quote! "He's obviously hurt and has played badly. If Wally was smart he would start Travis Lulay. Lulay was clearly the BETTER QB in training camp. The old, cocky, arrogant Casey is starting to show his true colours!!! Time for this experiment to END" I found when he played for us for $500grand "waste of money" That when things did not go hos way, all of the sudden he had an injury!

I got to know Casey Pretty Well and I even if did not work here
He had no Receivers no OLine
You can make Chicken Salad From Chicken SH**
He still Good Athlete He had no Help Here

I still like Casey and always well
I agree He is cocky but all Pro Athletes are to some Degree