printers (DO NOT TRADE)

first of all Printers No his salary is not as big as it was last year do u guys not know what top end loaded salary means he is prolly paid roughly the same as Ray and the other starting Qb's in the league.. second about Printers if we get rid of him thats not gunna help our O-Line which is the main cause of our probs on Offence.

ok now on to Williams he has lots of potential and i think getting rid of him would hurt just like getting rid of Cavillo has hurt us....

Last but not least would u want this moron of management to be involved in any of these trades if we were to get rid of them i can see it now...

Printers traded for the argo Cheer squad

Williams traded for Montreal's waterboy

Obie + trades = scary

He's only made what 2 trades?

Printers traded for the argo Cheer squad
8) Nothing wrong with that trade at all !!
Maybe we should tell Obie to go for it  !!      <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->



Lol! A post with one word used twice. You must be a blast to have a beer with ! :slight_smile: