Printers cut by KC

Anyone who watched the Als vs B.C. is probably aware that Casey Printers has been cut by the Kansis City Cheifs.
I think he would look great in an Als uniform. I respect AC and he has had a great career, but we need a new QB desperately. If AC gets injured, who do we have? Two QB's who have jumped from city to city and never really established themselves.
Popp, you better go after Printers.

AC is still our Quarterback, and I will back him 100%. But, I do think maybe Montreal should go after Casey.

Acquiring Printers, it will only make Calvillo compete more, or it give us another option when Calvillo is playing poorly like he did last night.

Why would Printers want to hold AC's clipboard? Printers is a better QB then Calvillo in every facet of the game.

Having said that as an individual he can't hold AC's jock...

I have a feeling the Als are going to allow themselves to continue their downslide as Calvillo get older. I love Printers as a QB and with Calvillo's contract done you would think the Als should go after him hard. I am not sure about the guy's character. I still remember him text messaging from the Lions sideline...

The Alouette management have not accomplished the critical task of locating a QB to be groomed as THE future QB of this team. The existing second and third string QB's have had repeated failure at running a CFL offense. Before these two we had Tevarus Bolden, Ted White, and A guy by the name of Fernandez as Als QB's- complete incompetence on all counts. In 2006 the Als signed Jesse Palmer then completely ignored him as he languished on the bench. It is no wonder Jesse is out of football. Perhaps the way he was treated by the Alouette coaches played a part in his leaving the CFL.

Calvillo remains a good QB but his future as a CFL QB is diminishing by his age. In addition, Calvillo lacks an essential skill that other QBs in the league have- the ability to run. Sask., Toronto, Hamilton, B.C., Calgary and even Edmonton all have QB's who can contribute to their teams with their running.

I believe the Als should, for sure, go after Printers alhough I doubt that Printers would sign with the team as with B.C. he was unhappy with the task of sharing the QB position. Nevertheless I believe the management of the Als should compete with other CFL teams to sign Printers.

One final question- why did the Als release Ian Smart last year? He played a significant role last evening and in last year's Grey Cup game this team.

According to TSN, only the Argos and Ticats have contacted Printers agent...

What did you expect. Mr arrogant (that would be our GM) as opposed to Mr. incompetent (our head coach) is probably waiting for Printers to call him.

It's early. Montreal is in the perfect position to make Printers an offer with Calvillo playing the last year of his contract. Like Buono said, every team will make a pitch for Printers.

Even if the als don't sign Printers, I hope they sign someone else very soon. I know i am exaggerating this a little, but AC is going to end up killing our hopes of the playoffs. He is just too slow, and he doesn't seem to play with the same passion that he used to play with.

A.C. plays with passion, but it's hard to establish a rhythm when you're sacked, hurried, or pressured every play, your offensive coordinator is a tard, and your head coach can't do anything except be a cheerleader on the sidelines.