Printers Cut by Cheifs

Lets fill that new Ticat bus up with money and drive it to his doorstep. :stuck_out_tongue:

who owns his CFL rights?

No one, and if we want him then I'm guessing we should cut Maas and Armstead before Sep 1

There’s no way he signs here.

Uh,oh. Guess what the next two weeks are going to look like here.

okay this would be a really good signing because Printers was one of the best QBs in the game when he played. But Amstead just got here, hes a speedy receiver who will catch the long ball...Mass on the other hand we should cut him to make room for the signing of Printers....Please Marcel make the right decision and listen to the fans on this one

You guys actually think this is up to Marcel?

First off we would need the budget, and yes losing Maas' salary would help big time, however why the heck would he want to come here as a free agent? When you look at the city, facilities, state of the team, and way we treat our QB's why the heck would he ever want to play here BY CHOICE?

Sorry i know im being called a negative lately but i'll believe it when i see it.

Toronto or even Calgary seems possible to me.

BC signs him with the money they save when DD retires.

I tend to agree he won't come here Crash but its strictly because of the salary cap that he won't even be offered a contract. The rest is pure BS

Crash we are paying our back up QB $300,000 and allowed him to run a 5-19 record, I think most fans in just about any city would have run him out of town by now. As far as facilities our stadium may not be state of the art but its a great place to watch football. At the end of the day Printers goes for the money.

Makes no sense at all. Marcel said in the paper the other day we are WELL under the salary cap... the removal of Maas' salary would give us more cap room than anyone else in the league.

How is the rest BS?? We have a terrible team and Casey COULD want to play in a bigger market/nicer city than Hamilton. We've always had problems attracting players through free agency and have forced to overpay to get the average ones (Brazzell, Belli come to mind). Maas only came here via trade and lets face it, its not like we would have been on his short list of teams to come to.

As far as im concerned the only BS is you saying he wont get offered a contract because of the cap... we're in the best possible position to give him big money. I say pay him 400-500k, make him the highest paid player and lets build this team around him for years to come... but i just dont see it happening.

Cut Armstead? I didn't realize this was a joke thread..

We have Maas under contract for another season. No chance we can afford TWO contracts for QBs. Additionally if we DO have cap room and nobody else does then Printers would jump at the money. Hamilton is a good place to play in spite of what you seem to think.

lets bring in Printers and give him no weopons to throw

If im not mistaken Maas would either have to be cut by 11:59 tonight or the same time tomorrow. If the cap allows you could sign Printers pro rated this year at 150,000 and then cut Maas in the off season.

I think Printers' agent said he will be looking in the NFL for a week before any talk about the CFL.

I know its not the best situation to have both Maas and Printers under contract but I dont think there is time to cut Maas, wait a week and see if you can get Printers.

the ticats have to make a decision:

cut maas by tomorrow regardless of printers situation and start chang, and if printers becomes available then pursure him.

or, keep maas and make no attempt at printers.

the reason for cutting maas has to be, because he's too expensive for the record he has, and not because it gives cap space for printers.

Isn't it likely that one CFL team has Casey Printers on their 35 player "negotiation list", hence giving that team first right to sign him?

  1. Former CFL players cannot be added to a neg list.

  2. Just because the veteran salaries are guaranteed until tonight that does not mean it counts against the cap. It wouldnt make sense if we cut Maas, had to pay him AND it counted against the cap.

I agree with what Crash is saying on this one. With the current state of the franchise, no chance Casey comes here.

Printers wants to be a star in this league. On and off the field. He wants the big time, and IMO, thats gonna take him straight to the Argos.

A flower in a field of weeds stands higher and more prominent than if that same flower was sitting in a flower bed.

Printers would be more of a star here than in Toronto..because if the teams turns around its because of him, if they make the playoffs next season with him as #1 he will be praised..pulling an abismal team to a contender..makes his overall worth skyrocket. Not just in Hamilton but in the Media and all over the CFL.

Toronto is a bigger market, and it seems like thats where he'd go if anywhere..but if I was him and CFL was the direction I was looking and Hamilton in its situation had money to throw at me. I would test it because of what I stated above..turning a team from a loser to a winner (even though its a team that does it not a player) it just makes his value blast up and he becomes the Underdog hero of the CFL.

A Flower in a garden of weeds.