Printers back to his old self?

Anyone see Printers injury last night? It looked pretty bad at first but then he was up and walked off the field and was seen running in the second half and looked perfectly fine but didn't return. I have a feeling BC players are going to turn on him before the season is over.

I thought he started looking like his old Hamilton self last night at times. Running for his life and making poor descisions as a result.
That's the worst offensive line I 've seen in BC for quite a while. Not like Wally to go with so many young players all at once. I think they also miss FB Lyle Green who was a pretty good blocker.

I noticed the same thing. It might be time for Wally to hang it up. Buck Pierce looks phenomenal and Printers still showing he has no guts. He didn't like the vibe he was getting behind that young oline and he pulled himself out of the game or at the very least made sure he didn't go back in.

Saw it and it brought back some bad memories of when he was in Hamilton. He didn't look hurt bad, he just doesn't like it when another team gets in his face.
Its gonna be a long season for the B.C. fans.

I'm with you Doc. Can anyone recall CP ever leaving a game with an injury while his team was ahead?

The title should read back to his Hamilton self. His "old self" is a CFL outstanding player.

Did you see the part right before the second half when the coach told cp that he wasn't playing? He looked pissed and really wanted to play.

What you say Mack is more likely the truth. Wally is no dummy.

Casey has learned a lot. He has a whole new attitude or

Wally wouldn’t risk counting on him as his starting QB.


Casey needs to work some serious
stretching into his workout routines

When he was a Tiger Cat I noticed at practices
his hips and hamstrings were very inflexible.

his legs to me when he runs looks like they are gonna collapse under neath him. he just looks weak to me. i dont know why.. he just looks like he could care less at times.