Printers back to B.C.?

This was in the Vancouver Province this morning, and also on
Global TV Vancouver news last night? Seems improbable, but it could make sense ... The bottom of the article says Printers is going to be in Vancouver next week. Hmmm.

Return of QB Printers won’t be ruled out by cagey Lions

GM/coach Wally Buono and Casey Printers may not have been the perfect match at all times during the quarterback’s three-season tenure with the Lions.
But the coach won’t rule out considering a return of the former CFL MVP if he is released by the Ticats.
Careful not to discuss Printers directly, Buono said he’d be forced to examine all options — at least until he can extend the contract of either starter Buck Pierce or backup Jarious Jackson, who have NFL options until Feb. 15.
“So Buck and Jarious sign in the NFL, what am I going to do? Hypothetically, you always have to look,? said Buono, who ruled out a similar scenario involving Printers in December. “You can’t be so arrogant to rule people out because if you do you lose all credibility.?
Ticats general manager Bob O’Billovich last week put the chances of Printers being in camp at 50/50, fuelling speculation he’ll be released if Hamilton can’t find a trading partner or the quarterback does not agree to a pay cut.
But the only way the Lions would have room for him, at a vastlyreduced price, is if they removed one of last year’s two starters.
“The landscape would definitely have to change,? Buono said.
On Tuesday, Team 1040 radio reported that Printers will visit Vancouver next week.

Nice job by Wally....danced around that one like a pro.

Looks to me like both these guys could help each other out.

I believe the TSN sports ticker last night stated that Buck Pierce has been designated as the starting QB for the Lions in 2009.

Part of the Lions QB situation seems to be settled (at least pre-training camp).


In that very same story, it also said Buck Pierce has had atleast 7 offers from the NFL.

I don't think Buck would make any impact on the NFL. Jackson I feel is the better QB and could play a backup role in the NFL.

I know that one of them is going to work out for a few teams this week but if these people really had interest in them, like Cam Wake, they would have made an offer already. What is the point of signing guys who are over 25 that play QB? It's a lot easier to wait until the draft to get someone to be third string and cheaper too.

These guys won't be back ups. Look at Dave Dickenson, I think he was a backup in San Diego but not with any other team he played with, he was the 3rd stringer. Even the might Casey was only a 3rd stringer and coming out of the CFL he was the better QB than Pierce or Jackson.

I think it would be funny though if both guys got signed by the NFL. Obie could then hold a ransom for Casey. At that point, Obie would be dumb to just cut him.

What if the Cats traded Printers for Rob Murphy?
Murphy has already indicated he won't be re-signing with B.C. when he becomes a free agent next month because he wants to be back east closer to family.
B.C. may need a quarterback ... even though Printers caused a lot of division on the team, the Lions were at the time still willing to re-sign him, with a huge contract that would have paid him more than he was going to make in the NFL.
Murphy is going to be a free agent in February, other teams may want him, but if Obie can get him in a trade with the understanding he'll sign in February with the Cats ...? At least the Cats would have first dibs on him in negotiating a contract before he becomes a free agent.
The Lions would be on the hook for Printers' big contract, but maybe Buono could get him to renegotiate. If not the Lions could still just cut him loose; they're going to lose Murphy anyway. B.C. would be a good fit for Printers ... Geroy Simon, who has just been resigned until 2011, was a big supporter of Printers. The two had some on-field chemistry. The guy on the Lions who was most vocal in his dislike of Printers - Rob Murphy - won't be there.

MTL may be in the market soon too. If Calvillo's wife isnt well enough Cavillo will either retire or be out for an extended period. His decision is coming soon.

They cant expect Brady to lead them to another great regular (but sans Grey Cup ring) season

Why would Wally trade for Casey with his current contract?
Why would Murphy sign early with the Cats when he is coming up for unrestricted free agency in 2 weeks?
I am not convinced that Murphy will not end up back in BC when the dust settles.

Casey may have a life if he can lose some of that grotesque salary the Cats have been paying him. The foot ball is in Casey's court. Chances are he will be second or third backup on some team, I wish him well just not well against us. :thup: