printers back in the hammer

first of all...awesome got your swagger back after ...only 8 years!...gonna be tough to beat the same team 3 times in a season tho...but i"m not sure i give bc a chance in what better be a sold out former "NEVER WYNNE STADIUM"...
d was awesome and frankly wpg got outcoached today and michael was michael...gotta be the end of the line for scatterbrain ham @ mtl for the east final...let's see some of that 1999 already have hagins...sanchez is
last but not least, you got yourself a shoo in for coach of the year...and obviously a great hire for the BOB.well done coach!
happy for all those holdovers...hage, beveridge, bradley, not many others tho...oh and george for gettin to the playoffs.

stewy griffin.