Printers back in CFL next season?

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Kansas City Chiefs practice roster quarterback Casey Printers showed up as advertised, and was told prior to the game that Buono did not want him on the sidelines. Printers left the building but returned to watch the game.

"Typical Casey," said one Lions veteran.

it seems Casey hasnt turned his back or forgotten about the CFL. he left his NFL team to go north and watch his old CFL team.

question #1 ) will he be in Winnipeg next week to cheer his former teammates?

question #2 ) does this mean Casey wants to return to the CFL next year?

question #3 ) if he does return to CFL, he will be a free agent nolonger obligated to play for the Lions. then where does he go?...Winnipeg, Toronto or Hamilton? ( if u have a different team in mind, please be rational in your explination )

...if he does show up at the Grey can be sure Taman will be having a chat with him....along with Bauer.....Milt.....and a few other ear-benders.....i.m sure he'll be in the Peg mostly because of the game....unless Kansas City has other ideas about his wandering eye to the north...and gives Casey the starting assignment next game..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well on t.v that's what they were speculating. Saying "He's keeping his name known up here, since he's only on the practise roster down there".

When Trent Green retires, chance are he'll be their 3rd QB. Im pretty sure he would still make some nice coin. However, as a marquee Qb in the CFL, he would make 300-400k per year. Thats even better, especially since the Canadian Dollar is obviously catching up to the American one.

  1. argos should sign printers and have compete with bishop to be top qb

2.get damon outta toronto, get him some BS media job with cbc or tsn, as long as he isnt playing or calling plays for the argos, im happy.

3.argos need to wear their white jersey's at home.

Next year the Chiefs will draft another QB and Casey will be gone. His chance was this year and he terrible in preseason, his fate was sealed. CFL QB's get very few oppertunites, the draft pick have more investment in them every time, You have to shine. Casey is a CFL star but it came too easy in 2004, big plays off of broken plays, when he choose or was asked to play in the pocket he was ineffective. He would have never won the 2004 Grey Cup because:
The defence lost it
DD was good enough to win
The punting strategy was awful
Casey was nicked and could not throw long
Casey could not move the ball in the secound half against the Riders. DD put the Leos in a position to win.

I'll keep Dickenson and Pierce.

Printers is a good QB, but his attitude is questionable.

Toronto would be a good fit for Printers. Winnipeg needs a starter, so I would expect that a "Bidding" war could start between Winnipeg, Toronto, and maybe Saskatchewan.

Printers will be a great QB…if, and only if, he knows that the team is his. Do that, and Printers will take most teams on his shoulders, just like Dave did on Sunday.

printers and kenton keith in toronto = grey cup 2007.

Like thats gonna happen...

I think, no offence to KJ, but he isnt the youngest QB in the L, the RIders would go after Casey Printers for long term.

Noon time sportscast Added Hamilton to my list of Casey Printers bidders!

Casey is a great player but i dont think he has the ''do anything to win'' additude like Maas,Dickenson,Ray,Calvillo

... Brendan Taman is going to be pursuing Casey Printers for the Bombers very vigoursly according to a recent sports report... .....other clubs better get their wallets out.....IF....and when Casey becomes available....I believe he is still the property of the Leos in the CFL....until Feb. 07.... :wink:

He does...when he's leading the team. You should have seen some of the amazing things he did in '04...

I don't think he prefers the CFL or the nfl, it's just that he wants to play and will go wherever that may be. Right now it's NOT the nfl but if it was I don't think he would have been north of the border this past weekend.

It would be good to see him back in the CFL. Printers is a great QB with tons of raw talent - he just needs to mature a bit. Compared to DD or BP he doesn't have the same smarts or patience but he is much more athletic player. I hope he ends up somewhere where his talent gets puts to use.