Printers and his wristband

Is this guy serious. He actually had the wristband from the labour day game. What a joke and embarrasment that is. All he talks about is his team not losing focus on the game at hand and he pulls a stunt like that. Unbelievable. Also costed the team a timeout which obviously didn't make a difference but that's not the point.

John Salavantis on the CHML radio broadcast said

there are 3 pockets on those wristbands
each has a card with sets of plays on it.

Casey chose a play on a card
left in from the Monday game.

IMO, it's good he had the presence of mind
to realize it and call a time out to change it.

8) Some one on here earlier today tried to throw the blame for this screw up on Charlie too !!!
Casey even admitted in the paper today that he was at fault for this mistake !!!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

The way the game turned out…maybe he should have went with that wristband anyway. It might have had better plays on it.

We scored 31 points with THAT wristband.