Printers already hurt

Here is the link from the province.

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Here we go agin this year.

It's just training camp... doesn't every player get nicked up at training camp?

Of course just needing to recover from routine practise and play makes sense all the same, all the more when you hit about 30, but from that article it sure does not look good for the consistent durability of either Printers or Jackson given past injuries.

And so I ask you Lions' fans is Lulay the way? How did he really look in his first preseason game in your view for those of you who were able to watch it?

If those two others are feeling already such aches as described in the article and we start hearing more that they are less than 100% after only drills and scrimmages mostly, what is likely to happen with them in and after the real game action?

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Sounds like an attempt to stir up a big issue where a very small one exists.

Probably a little tendonitis from too many throwing rep's to fast.

Well folks. A new CFL season is upon us. What happened in '09 is old news. It's in the past. No need to remember how we squeaked into the playoffs last year, stole a game from Hamilton only to get destroyed by Montreal. No need to remember the game where Pierce got injured, Jackson got injured and then Lulay, leaving Zac Champion as the sacrificial guinea pig to lead the team.
Do you remember last year every time Bucky went down there was an eerie hush in the stands as every one held their breath wondering if he would pick himself up off the turf? Do you remember that same eerie silence when Printers would start scrambling and every one held their breath wondering if he would do something 'not so very intelligent'? Of course how can we forget Jarious Jackson? You could always tell if he was going to have a good day the first time he passed. He would either hit his receiver on the numbers or throw the ball 30 yards beyond. And this was when he was healthy!

Last year we had five....that's right....FIVE QBs. Some exceptionally talented....others still not so. When all was said and done, as fans we were always wondering who was healthy, who could start, and for that matter who could even finish a game healthy. We all know what happened last year.

Fast forward to June 2010- Surely we are not going to be served the same menu. Printers appears to have extended himself and the regular season isn't even underway. Jarious is laboring when throwing deep. Lulay sustained some pretty nasty injuries last year that kept him out of several games. Is he fully recovered or is he also prone to injury? We don't know a lot about the new QBs who are trying out.

Quite frankly, the last thing I want to read about is that the Lions are going into the 2010 season already banged up and injured expecially in the QB department. We had enough of that last year. Cause if they are then the O Line had better be up to snuff to make sure their QB is protected or Leo the Lion may get the next call.

Hmmm... if I remember right (although I have tried to forget most of the time Printers was here before) didn't Printers have an issue with his rotator and was out for an extended period.. I believe it was in his final year and towards the end of the season when Wally needed him to go in and he said he could not play cause it still hurt. (oh but he could still use his cellphone). I don't think Printers will last the year injury free. I will just be glad when all this Printer loving hype is over, and we get down to having a serious contender leading the lions at the QB position. Printers better be ready cause the fans are close to the field at Empire and if he does not produce he will know from the fans.

As I suspected, the original report was all hot air. Casey is fine as any other QB right now that has thrown a lot of rep's.